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World of Tanks Blitz

World of Tanks Blitz

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Please join us in welcoming the newest addition to the Wargaming family - World of Tanks Blitz!


We are thrilled to announce our new free-to-play game to the Wargaming universe -- World of Tanks Blitz is now live!

After an incredible journey in preparation for this event, we can finally let loose, hop in a tank, and mobilize! Now you can enjoy World of Tanks on-the-go with efficient game controls and stunning visuals. World of Tanks Blitz is currently available on iOS and you can check it out at https://wotblitz.com!

At release, World of Tanks Blitz features 7-vs-7 combat with more than 90 armored vehicles from the 20th century, from the United States, Germany and the Soviet Union. You'll be able to battle in a variety of iconic vehicles ranging from fearsome Panzers to the mass-produced Shermans and T-34s. And there's no need to go solo -- team up with a friend and create your own two-man Platoon to battle in eight original maps!

World of Tanks Blitz is meant to be played on the go, so there's no reason not to take it wherever you go!

Download Blitz from the App store!