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Test cases for this template and for {{sclass/sandbox}} are at the testcases page.

Ship class link template usage

sclass is an editor's shortcut for creating properly formatted links to ship class articles that follow the standard naming format of Class name class ship type. If you are tired of typing [[Haskell class attack transport | ''Haskell''-class]] [[attack transport]] or similar, this is for you. The previous is replaced by {{sclass | Haskell | attack transport}}, that's it.

The most basic form is:

{{sclass | Class name | ship type  }}

This form assumes that Ship type is its own separate article so produces a link to the class article, followed by a link to the ship type article. The text in the first link is properly formatted with the Class name displayed in italics followed by "-class".

This template is for ship classes that are named after the lead ship. For ship classes that are named for a common theme, such as the Шаблон:sclass2, use {{sclass2}} instead.

Optional parameter: "format"

An optional third parameter allows you to control the format and use the template if Ship type is not an article:

{{sclass | Class name | ship type  | format }}

The values and results for format are:

0: suppresses ship type display entirely. Adjectival form
1: displays ship type as part of the single link to the class article
2: displays ship type, but unlinked
3: displays ship type as a separate link. Ship type must be the name of an article
4: suppresses ship type display entirely. Noun form.
5: class name only, suitable for tables
6: Шаблон:!xtUse Option 1

To avoid the dreaded red link, one of the first three options must be used if Ship type is not already an article. Note that option 3 is the default, so may be omitted. Other values of format will let you know the error of your ways.


Optional parameter: "disambiguation"

An optional fourth parameter allows you to disambiguate the ship type if it would ordinarily link to a disambiguation page (i.e. minesweeper):

{{sclass | Class name | ship type  | format | disambiguation }}

This would only be needed with either the default or with the "format" parameter set to 3. Note: to use the disambiguation parameter, you must specify a "format" parameter, or use "||" (double pipe) between the "ship type" and "disambiguation" parameters.


Template usage Equivalent wikicode Final result Notes
None {{sclass|Admirable|minesweeper||ship}} [[Admirable class minesweeper|''Admirable''-class]] [[minesweeper (ship)|minesweeper]] minesweeper типа Admirable Default
3 {{sclass|Admirable|minesweeper|3|ship}} [[Admirable class minesweeper |''Admirable''-class]] [[minesweeper (ship)|minesweeper]] minesweeper типа Admirable Same as default

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