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Wiki Pages for World of Warships - 26 June 2015


With the progression of World of Warships into Open Beta Test, vehicle pages are now being setup and are welcoming content additions. Please bare with me as I attempt to update the template that would allow for automated data parsing into the pages for different ships.

In the mean time, I encourage wiki editors to start flushing out the pages with descriptions, opinions and historical information, as well as reporting bugs and issues on talk pages. As usual, any feedback and opinions are greatly appreciated at the Wiki Discussion. Thank you.
--Haswell:na (talk) 16:46, 26 June 2015 (UTC)

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Wiki Discussion Area

To facilitate effective and convenient communications between users, editors and the wiki staff from all Wargaming services and regions, the wiki discussion page and its associated talk page will be dedicated to public discussions of all wiki-related matters. All users are welcomed and encouraged to create and participate in discussions.

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