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Premium Units

Premium Units

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Premium units are units that can be bought with either gold (in game) or money (from the Wargaming premium shop) They grant +50% to the battle rewards (Free XP, Unit XP and silver) when a player plays with them. Note that it only affects the unit : so if a player plays with 2 premiums and one regular unit, only the rewards from the 2 premiums will be increased by that bonus.

To see their playstyle, please go the unit type page associated, where their playstyle will be explained in more details.



Tier Unit name Description
T3 Attendant Archers Behind every hoplite stands a heavily-laden attendant.
T4 Telesillas Argives Whether young or old, free or slave, the people of Argos stood united in the face of their foes.
T4 Delian Peltats Deadly skirmishers whose javelings sow injury and death among the enemy.
T5 Thureos Swordsmen With thrusting sword and light shields, these soldiers can fight where the hoplites cannot.
T5 Thorax Spearmen Tough spearmen who pack a potent punch.
T5 Machimoi Archers Centuries-old traditions of professionalism and skill makes the Machimoi valuable archers.
T5 Thracian Royal Cavalry The Thracians were expert horsemen, and these riders are better at sustained combat than their equivalents.
T6 Spartan Holites The military prowess of the Spartans is legendary - these hoplites are faster and more agile than those from the rest of Greece.
T6 Thureos Spearmen More lightly-armoured than a standard hoplite, these soldiers rely on their large oval shield for defence.
T7 Thracian Peltasts Skilled skirmishers recruited from a people renowned for their aptitude with a javelin.
T7 Engineers These crafty Greeks are experts at battlefield engineering, and can build a battery of deadly light artillery
T8 Myrmidons Ancient warrior from an age of myth, each Myrmidon is a worthy companion to the heroes of old.
T8 Dahae Archers The Dahae have fought for the greatest conquerors of the age - soon their own time will come...
T8 Elite Ballista When you need something built, turn to the Greeks: these men can construct a powerful artillery piece that fires crushing boulders or spear-length bolts.

Roman Empire

Tier Unit name Description
T3 Ghosts of Cannae Haunted by the memories of unimaginable bloodshed, the survivors of Cannae march implacably toward redemption - or death.
T4 Germanic Scouts If you need to know what lies ahead, best to ask a local.
T4 Auxiliary Cavalry Sometimes success is born of realising that someone else can do it better.
T5 Retentus These experienced veterans act as steadying influence on more junior soldiers.
T5 Martiobarbuli Size isn't everything: the darts thrown by these men can reach further than any javelin.
T5 Sarmatae Lancers Take your enemy's strength and make it your own - that's the Roman way.
T6 Murmillo Gladiators Thought lightly armoured, these warriors have faced death a hundred times: they are fast, vicious and fearless.
T7 Triarii These spear-armed veterans are the third and final line of defence.
T7 Auxiliary Sagittari The Romans supplemented their native heavy infantry with the most skilled archers from around the Mediterranean.
T8 Legio IX Hispana The legends surrounding these veteran troops are an inspiration to their comrades.
T8 Auxilia Palatini Drawn from across the Empire, these spearmen are a powerful complement to the sword-armed legionaries.
T8 Masinissa' Guard The wily Masinissa lent Rome the legendary skill of the Numidians.
T8 War Dogs Hulking, muscly beasts trained to hunt down and savage their masters enemies.


Tier Unit name Description
T3 Getae Horsemen Armed with wicked curved blades, these horsemen are a formidable force in melee.
T4 Bloodsworn With their blood-oaths driving them these men will charge with incredible ferocity.
T4 Spear Brothers In the spear wall, each man must trust the others like his own kin
T5 Bastarnae Falxmen Armed with the brutal two-handed falx, these warriors will carve through armour, shield and flesh with practiced ease.
T5 Celtic Slingers Though lightly-armoured, these warriors can fire their missiles much further than any archer.
T5 Belgae Archers Brash and bold, the archers of the Belgae bring an unshakeable confidence to the field
T5 Cantabrian Cavalry The wild, wheeling Cantabrians are a menace in both melee and at range.
T6 Harii Painted Warrios The shadow-touched forests of Germanina hide beings far more terrifying than boars and bears.
T6 Youths These eager warriors are armed with javelins with which they can harass their foes from afar.
T7 Druids Cultural and religious leaders of the Celts, the Druids combine the martial aptitude of their people with the authority to encourage and support there allies.
T7 Cimbri Spear Warriors The priestess-warriors of the Cimbri inspire the bribe with blood-soaked prophecies.
T7 Heavy Horse More heavy armoured than most tribal cavalry, these riders have a potent impact and can hold their own in the melee.
T8 Berserkers Ferocious warriors of legendary aggression who will throw themselves against the enemy again and again.
T8 Eburones Marksmen Every foe has a chink in their armour - all it takes is a well-aimed shot.


Tier Unit name Description
T3 Carthaginian Marines Carthaginian marines swept the enemy decks with a vicious missile fire before leaping into the fray.
T4 Greek Hoplites Classic infantry warriors of the ancient world, setting the standard for later soldiers.
T4 Nubian Archers Exotic even by the standards of cosmopolitan Carthage, these swift archers have come from afar to profit from their deadly skills.
T5 Gallic Cavalry A frightening sight - and often the enemy's last.
T5 Surus The Grand Old Man of war-elephants.
T6 Mercenary Scutarii Armed with heavy shields, these men are tough, well-trained and dangerous.
T6 Balearic Slingers Highly skilled missile troops, raining death from afar.
T7 Melqart Elephants never forget.
T8 Hamilcar's Veterans Years of gruelling warfare have forged these men into a deadly reflection of their iron-willed commander.