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ARENA is ceasing live service February 2019.



Ability Ability's picture Description Statictics of the stock ability Statistics at tier 10
Haste Haste Move and fire more quickly. Available at tier 1

Cooldown: 60s
Duration: 10s
Movement Speed: +12%
Acceleration: +20%
Reload Time: -20%

Cooldown: 5s
Duration: 14s
Movement Speed: +26%
Acceleration: +40%
Reload Time: -35%
Negative Ground Effect Modifier: -40%

Crippling Shot Crippling Shot Loose projectiles that stun the enemy. Available at tier 3

Cooldown: 50s
Duration: 5s
AoE: 6m
Targeting Range: 65m
Missile Weapon Damage: -15%

Cooldown: 22s
Duration: 5s
AoE: 6m
Targeting Range: 101m
Missile Weapon Damage: +4%

From the Shadows From The Shadows Gain range and accuracy at the cost of speed. Available at tier 5

Cooldown: 12s
Duration: Toggle
Missile Weapon Range: +20%
Missile Dispersion: -30%
Negative Ground Effect Modifier: -20%
Movement Speed: -80%

Cooldown: 4s
Duration: Toggle
Missile Weapon Range: +30%
Missile Dispersion: -50%
Negative Ground Effect Modifier: -40%
Missile Armour-Piercing Damage Modifier: +5
Movement Speed: -80%

With which units can he be played?

Ambiorix is an archer focused commander, best used with missile infantry as they will benefit from all three abilities.

What is his playstyle?/How to play him?

With Ambiorix, you will kite your enemies. From the Shadows allows you to fire over your allies to support them when they are fighting, while Crippling Shot and Haste make Ambiorix a very good kiting commander.

Tips and tricks

Use Crippling Shot to stop a cavalry charge, or to slow down enemies coming for you. It can also be used to help an ally win a charge.

Use From the Shadows to fire over buildings or on places where you don't have line of sight. Haste increases your speed, but it also improves your reload time. Use it when fighting enemy ranged units so that you can have the advantage.

Haste can be used for several purposes : boost your speed, but also boost your reload speed Don't forget to use it when in an archer fight, it will give you an advantage of mobility and damage per second.

Historical context

Ambiorix who was a Gallia Belgica chieftain is known for his revolt against Caesar and Rome in the Gallic Wars. His tribe, the Eburones was subservient to the larger tribe of the Aduatuci.

When Caesar in 57 BC, defeated the Nervii tribe and their allies in the Battle of the Sabis River, the region was brought under Roman control. First, the Eburones benefitted from Caesar's policies but after a food-shortage, only exacerbated by the legion that was over-wintering, resentment towards the Romans grew in the tribes. As some chieftains kept on debating to revolt or not, Ambiorix made the chose for them as he struck the first blow.

Ambiorix assaulted the Fourteenth Legion's encampment but when this attack failed he asked for a parley and claimed it was ordered by the tribes they owed allegiance. After he told the commanders of the encampment that he never expected the win against Rome and that 'a great company' of Germanic mercenaries was on its way to the camp. Ambiorix promised to lead the legion through his lands to the Romans to more secure fortifications. After a short but heated debate, the commanders agreed to take the advice.
Leading the Romans into a revine, Ambiorix sprung his trap and from being attacked both sides the Romans was unable to form a defence. Only a handful of Romans was able to escape the battle of attrition that had waged for some hours.

Showing the Aduatuci the weapons he plundered from the Romans, Ambiorix got the Aduatuci, Nervii and Treveri to join his cause. After messages had been sent out, surrounding tribes joined and soon Ambiorix was the leader of the rebel army.

Heading to Cicero's camp where the legionaries knew about the fate that befell the Fourteenth Legion. After a short skirmish, the Romans withdrew behind their walls. To avoid a siege, Ambiorix tried to use the lie he had used to get the Fourteenth Legion out into the open but failed. Cicero wasn't taken in and order the siege and army disbanded but Ambiorix refused.

After some attempts, Cicero got a Gaulish slave through the rebel lines, with a hidden message in a javelin shaft and soon Caesar was on the march to free Cicero. Caesar's messenger failed to get through the enemy lines but chose to throw a javelin over the wall, where it went unnoticed for three days but once found the morale of the Romans became so high it was impossible to go unseen. When Ambiorix saw this increased morale he knew something was wrong and sent scouts out and was soon informed that Caesar was only a few miles away.

Ambiorix chose to meet Caesar in open battle but Caesar was ready and tried to get the rebels to go all-out and charge head-on. Once one of the Gaulish chieftains had committed all his forces Caesar gave the order to his cavalry to attack and soon the cavalry was upon the Eburones, who fought back bravely but as their line was broken they way forced to flee.

Caesar's revenge was brutal; going after the co-conspirator, killing the Treveri chieftain, hunting down the Eburones, burning the settlements, ruining their crops and drove off their livestock just to make sure no one would survive.

Ambiorix who was broken by his defeat, extermination of his people and Caesar hot on his heels, chose alongside his bodyguard to cross into Germania never to be seen again. His fate remains unknown.

In Belgium, he is remembered as a cunning rebel who struck at daring blow against the might of Rome.