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ARENA is ceasing live service February 2019.

People living in an uncivilized world, seeking glory in battle while remembering the sack of Rome so long ago

When fighting the barbarians you should expect them to come out of nowhere and quickly fall back.

The barbarians are specialized in hit and run tactics with melee infantry, cavalry, archers and war dogs.

The Germanic prince who was the mastermind behind the Teutoburg Forest ambush.
This commander will trick the enemy into thinking he's an ally before striking and wiping them out.

United Gaul against the Roman invaders and is possibly Julius Caesar's greatest enemy.
When leading men his discipline and defiance burnt all in his path.

After being mistreated by Rome she revolted and spread fear and chaos throughout Britannia.
This Iceni Queen will use any unit she can to kill her enemies though she is fond of war dogs.

Faking a friendship with Rome, he destroyed the 14th Legion but retreated across the Rhine after a horrible defeat.
Use this commander with archers and you will make the enemy's lives a living hell while unable to catch up.

Unit rundown
Barbarian sword infantry: With sword and shield these men seek out glory in the heat of the battle.
Barbarian falxmen: Carrying the falx, these warriors will charge and cleave any shield in two.
Barbarian archers: Greeks and Romans might call these people wild but it does not mean they are not skilled with a bow.
Barbarian cavalry: Horsemen that move like shadows in the forest only to attack the enemy is weakest.
Barbarian war dogs: Dogs train to follow their master's orders and are able to slip past the enemy's defenses.