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The republic that turned into an empire while bringing most of the known world into its folds

When fighting Rome you can expect a wall of shields and gladius with support from artillery, deadly javelins and cavalry.

Rome is specialized in their sword infantry, cavalry, javelin men and both light and heavy artillery.

The man who bested Arminius, put countless Germans to the sword and recovered two of the three lost eagle standards.
The best use of this commander is with Romes many legions.

Hannibal Barca's great rival, he returned Iberia to the republic and was the hero who saved Rome.
While being strongest on horseback this commander can also be used to lead infantry.

Destroyer of Gaul, a brilliant commander, dictator of Rome and founder of the first imperial dynasty.
Caesar main focus is support but he will make any unit deadly when used right.

Victor of the First Mithridatic War and first Roman dictator since the Second Punic War.
Use Roman infantry to form an almost unbreakable wall of shields but fear not to use him with artillery or javelins.

Unit rundown
Roman sword infantry: Well trained men ready to face any foe while armed with deadly gladii.
Javelins: Though having a shorter range than other skirmish units, these men will quickly tear through any unit that gets in range.
Roman cavalry: Men who ride Romes finest steeds and are willing to charge forth with a mighty war cry.
Artillery: Enjoying their distance from the front line these men love to disrupt and kill their enemies from far away.