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Unit Abilities and Attribute

Unit Abilities and Attribute

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ARENA is ceasing live service February 2019.

On this page, you will find all current Unit Abilities, Unit Attribute and Trainable Abilities in Total War: ARENA.

Unit Attributes

Down below you will find a list of the different Attributes and the description of what they do.
Attributes are 'passive' and can therefore not be used by the player but will automatically be used by the unit.

FormedMovement.png  Attributes

Unit Abilities

Down below you will find a list of the different Unit Abilities and how common they are.
Abilities are 'active' and can therefore be used by the player.
As the fast reader will have seen, there is three subcategories called 'Common', Special' and 'Unique'

  • Common: Is avalivle for more than 6 different units
  • Special: Is avalible for 2-5 different units
  • Unique: Is only avalible for 1 unit

Formed_combat.png  Commen

Shield_screen.png  Special

Vengeful_strike.png  Unique

Trainable Abilities

Units at Tier IX and X can learn abilities that are different from their default abilities.
The abilities that are available are split into 3 categories: Default, Stock, and Unlockable but unlike the normal abilities above the type will not be shown here.
Down below you find the trainable abilities doesn't belong to any unit as a default ability.

Clout.png  Trainable Abilities