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What is Total War: ARENA

What is Total War: ARENA

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ARENA is ceasing live service February 2019.

What is Total War: ARENA?

Total War: ARENA is an online free-to-play, team-based strategy game, thrusting players into battles of epic proportions.

Battles of epic proportions:

  • Play 10 players against 10 players
  • Each player has 3 units, each composed of 45 to 100 men

This gives a total of 2700 to 6000 total men on the battlefield

Team Base:

  • Use the F keys (F2, F3, etc.) to ping your allies to warn them about dangers and opportunities
  • Use the drawing tool (above the minimap) to let your allies know your intentions
  • Use the chat to talk directly to your teammates (don't do that when you're about to charge)
  • Look at what your neighboring allies are doing in order to help them by flanking engaged enemy units, charging enemy archers, retreating not to be left alone surrounded by the enemy team

Tactics and strategy:

Coordinate with your 9 teammates to decide where and how you fight your enemies:

  • Flanking enemies,
  • Outranging them,
  • Using a smaller force on once side of the battlefield to overrun their forces on another side of the battlefield

These will all help to lead you to victory.


  • Knowing where to position your troops and when to engage or retreat
  • Knowing who you can and can't fight
  • Knowing your speed and your enemy's speed (don't get kited)
  • Checking the minimap to see where each side's forces are gathered

This Wiki is a great place to find information for all the above. There's also a guide repository where you can find Community video guides.