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Scenarios are a Player vs. Environment (PvE) game mode in which seven players team up to complete several tasks. Similar to random battles, excellence in battle is rewarded. Poor performance in battle will lead to reduced rewards or may result in a loss. Teamwork should be prioritized to have the best chance of winning. In scenarios, there are multiple objectives. The primary objective must be completed in order to win the scenario. In addition, there are secondary objectives which reward players with an additional star upon completion. A perfect run — that is, completing all objectives — will result in five stars.

Basics of Scenarios

  • Scenarios are for captains with an Account Level 8 or higher and helming Tier VI and VII ships.
  • The maximum team size in a Scenario is seven (7) players.
  • Success is based on mission completion, not enemy destruction. Focus on the objectives!
  • After a Scenario ends, the participating ship will need to wait 30 minutes to embark on further Scenarios (but you can send in other ships immediately). Captains may pay 75,000 credits to unlock the ship they just played an play it in another Scenario immediately.

Forming a Team

Scenario rewards are only earned once per star.

Scenarios let players create Extended Divisions, a Division containing four to seven players exclusive to Scenario mode.

Captains can also jump into the "Operation of the Week" solo and be automatically placed in a Division. When forming an Extended Division for the Operation of the Week, the game will help captains fill out a Division that queues with less than seven players. Players can disable this function by clicking the lock icon on their Extended Division. This drop-in/auto-complete feature is only available for the Operation of the Week.

Eligible Ships

Currently, Scenarios only allow either Tier VI or VII ships, depending on the scenario. Signal flags and premium consumables increase the chances for success.


The post-battle splash screen details the objectives completed.
The amount of credits and experience earned from an Operation depends on the number of completed objectives and your battle performance. Average earnings per battle fall between the earning averages of Co-Op and Random battles.

Each Scenario includes a main objective and five secondary objectives. Players are awarded a star (Campaign_pin.png) for every secondary objective completed, but only if they accomplish the main objective. A non-repeatable reward is granted for every star earned.

  • If two stars are earned in a Scenario, two rewards are granted. If the Scenario is completed again and three stars are earned, only one reward is granted for that third star.
  • If players complete the Scenario and earn all five stars, they are issued all five rewards. There are no additional rewards for completing that Scenario and earning five stars again.
  • No additional rewards are granted for completing the Scenario again and earning the same number of stars.

Depending on which tasks are completed, rewards range from signal flags to premium account time. At the end of each Scenario, a splash screen will appear, which breaks down the results and rewards. This splash screen can be used to gauge success in the Scenario.

List of Scenarios

Season 1


Defense of Naval Station Newport

  • Tier VI ships only.
  • Description: Superior enemy forces were spotted approaching naval station Newport. Your mission is to defend the base until the arrival of the allied attack squadron. Save the base's infrastructure and moored support ships. Remember, if we lose the Newport base, we will lose control over the entire region!
  • Goal: Defend the base. Prevent the destruction of essential onshore installations and support ships. Hold out until the arrival of the allied attack squadron.

Operation: Aegis

  • Tier VI ships only.
  • Description: An allied naval division has been attacked. Some ships have been destroyed, and the transport ships that were captured are being convoyed to the enemy base now. Intercept the enemy convoy and take back the allied ships.
  • Goal: Take back allied ships and protect them en route to their destination.

Operation: Killer Whale

  • Tier VI ships only.
  • Description: Reconnaissance reports that the enemy's major forces have left the naval base. Now is a good time for a swift raid and massive destruction. There are only a few ships left to defend the base, with some of them under repair.
  • Goal: Destroy the enemy base and retreat in the direction designated by reconnaissance.

Operation: Raptor Rescue

  • Tier VI ships only.
  • Description: A sudden night attack on an allied aircraft-carrying squadron turned out to be catastrophic: all escort ships were lost, and the aircraft carrier Raptor was badly damaged. Extensive damage incapacitated the ship. Your task force is ordered to find the carrier, repair the ship, and escort her from the danger zone.
  • Goal: Escort the support ships to the carrier Raptor. Escort the carriers safely out of the combat zone.

Season 2


The Ultimate Frontier

  • Tier VII ships only.
  • Description: With the battlefront getting closer and closer, amid persistent air strikes on Rouen Atoll, the project pursued by Japanese scientists and engineers is threatened. To avoid a catastrophe, a group of transport aircraft is sent to Rouen with a mission to evacuate all personnel and documentation. All warships must provide protection for the aircraft and the aerodrome until the evacuation is complete.
  • Goal: Protect the group of transport aircraft arriving at the base. Defend the aerodrome until embarkation is finished and the aircraft leave the base.

Operation: Narai

  • Tier VII ships only.
  • Description: It is required to break through the enemy defenses and remove all enemy forces from the water zone of the base. We'll also secure victory if we manage to provide cover for the assault transport ships to land the majority of troopers!
  • Goal: Gain control over the enemy base by breaking through the enemy's defenses, eliminating all hostile forces and escorting the assault transport ships in.

Special Events


Operation Dynamo

  • Tier V and VI - Special Ships Only

This scenario has the friendly task force support the evacuation of Allied troops at Dunkirk.

Operation Hermes

  • Tier VII and VIII French battleships; and Tier VII French, British, and American cruisers only.

This scenario has the friendly task force escorting the French flagship through a thunderstorm.