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Game Property Wipe

  • Game property of all players has been erased (wiped) except for special gift planes and planes that were purchased to remain in the hangar after the release:
    • I-15 bis DM-2 - 15th WG anniversary gift
    • F2A-1 - must have been purchased with tokens to remain in the hangar after the wipe
  • In case of activating bonus-codes with planes during the testing period, corresponding planes will be re-accrued.
  • All players who have pre-ordered their planes or activated their gift cards, were credited with these planes.
  • All Alpha testers, Closed Beta testers and Open Beta testers with at least 700 active battles within the correspondent period were credited with special gift planes:
    • Me.210, P-77, Pegas - active Alpha test participants
    • P-77, Pegas - active Closed Beta test participants
    • Pegas - active Open Beta test participants
  • Alpha-testers, closed beta-testers and open beta-testers, with at least 100 active battles will be awarded:
    • Medal for participation in the corresponding test phase
    • Special camouflage (no camo bonus)
    • Emblem for participating in the corresponding test phase
  • Experience that was earned by players on all their planes was summarized and divided equally between 5 pilots of Tier I planes of each WoWP nation (these planes were put in the hangar for all players).

Unified Gold for Wargaming Games

  • From now on, game Gold becomes a shared currency between all Wargaming projects.
  • Now, every player can purchase game Gold.

Release Prices in Gold were Set

  • Event "-50% for all prices in Tokens" was STOPPED due to the beta test Tokens removal; prices in Gold were brought to release levels.
  • Prices were changed for:
    • Purchasing Credits for Gold
    • Premium planes (except for F2A-1, whose price was initially set at release level)
    • Hangar slots
    • Barracks slots
    • Crew training
    • Crew skills reset
    • Premium ammo
    • Equipment
    • Demounting the complex equipment
    • Camouflage and emblems

General Balance Changes

Altitude, perfomance, and speed changes:

  • Increased operating ceiling for all fighters - more significant changes were made for low and medium ailtitude fighters
  • Optimum altitude for jet fighters was brought closer to the optimum height of piston-prop tier VIII aircraft. Optimum height levels were reduced for the following planes: Me.1092, Me.1101, Me.262, Me.262HGII, Me262HGIII, P-51A, FJ-1, F-86A, F7U, Swift, Gloster P228, Javelin, La-160, La-15
  • Reduced afterburner power for jet planes
  • Reduced speed in non-afterburner mode for planes of tier VIII-IX
  • Increased range of speeds for biplanes of tier I-III. Improved energy saving during maneuvering
  • Improved energy saving during maneuvering for Soviet and Japanese fighters
  • Reduced speed saving during maneuvering for Ao.192 and FW-57
  • Improved afterburner operating time for Javelin
  • Reduced dispersion for shooting bottom-up

Maneuverability changes:

  • Increased maneuverability for all Soviet and Japanese planes
  • Increased maneuverability for biplanes of tiers I-III
  • Increased maneuverability for Bristol Type 146, Spitfire I, Spitfire V, Me.P1092b, Bf-110C-6
  • Reduced maneuverability for Me.P1101, Me.262HGII, Me.262HGIII, P-51H, FJ-1, F-86A, Gloster P.228, Javelin, IL-2-mod

Damage and durability changes:

  • Damage rate was increased slightly for all planes (from 5% to 20% for different planes).
  • Armor factor against machine gun fire was increased for the following ground attack planes:
    • BSh-2
    • Il-2
    • Il-2(d)
    • Il-2(mod)
    • Il-8
    • Il-10
    • Il-20
    • Il-40
    • Il-40P
  • Durability was increased for Il-20, Il-40, Il-40P, Beaufighter, Javelin, FW-57


  • XP rates were increased for all planes according to the statistics analysis.
  • Corrected the coefficient of earning credits for some planes according to the statistics analysis.


  • Rudel Medal was renamed into Meyer Medal.
  • Test Pilot Medal was renamed into Sikorsky Order.
  • Award for 100 battles during the Alpha Test Stage was divided into two different awards: Sikorsky Order I Class for players who started playing during the starting period of the Alpha Test, and Sikorsky Order II Class for players who started playing during the global Alpha Test Stage.
  • Achievement "Super Test veteran" was renamed into "Lindbergh Order."


  • Congratulations window about the game release was added.
  • Tooltips were added for camouflages in the Exterior menu.
  • Hangar loading speed was improved.
  • Improved switching between aircraft in the hangar.
  • Pointer transparency for all types of mouse control was set as 100% transparent as default in control modes when the camera is bound to the plane.
  • Gift camouflages and emblems were added.
  • Colour of the experience stars was changed: gold stars for free XP, white stars for plane XP, gold-rimmed stars for XP of Elite and Premium planes (that can be converted into free XP).
  • Plane characteristics showing the comparative rate of a particular characteristics with 'stars' were changed into 'rank badges'.


  • Hangar performance was optimized.
  • Entering battle queue after clicking "Battle!" button was made faster.
  • Application icon in the task bar starts blinking red in 5 seconds before the battle starts.
  • ixed the bug that caused FPS drop when planes were colliding in the air.
  • Reduced memory load during battles.


  • Fixed the difference between I-5 ShKAS plane model appearence in the hangar and its plane list icon.
  • Ammo cost fix for UBS machine gun.
  • Prices fix of RP-3 GP and RP-3 SAP rockets.


  • A number of fixes were made for voice message system.
  • Diving noise was modified for planes that were shot down.