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January 9, 2014


  • Optimization performed on cloud rendering, which allowed an increase in frames per second for various maps


  • Visual elements of the plane characteristics list in the Hangar was changed ("stripes" instead of "chevrons")


  • The volume level in the introductory video now depends on the general volume level of the game (i.e., if the master volume was previously lowered, the introductory video volume will also be lower)

Other Fixes

  • Fixed dynamic event prices (for planes, equipment and ammo) not changing in the Hangar when event launches
  • The direction of propeller rotation for Bf. 110C-6 engines were fixed (the propellers rotated in opposite directions)
  • Weapon type in the Hangar module description was fixed for Scua ".303 Vickers Mk.III (К)"
  • Fixed incorrect F2A propeller display for F2A-2 airframe