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Interface Fixes

  • Fixed display of the plane research availability by right-clicking in the predecessor's plane research window did not consider the need for additional module research if there was enough experience for research without it
  • Fixed issue with camo unable to be purchased without player confirmation if switching between menus
  • Preceding plane's experience was not considered in the research confirmation window (right-click in the Tech Tree)
  • Plane research availability was displayed (right-click in the Tech Tree) when there were not enough experience for research
  • Wrong sum of experience needed for the research was displayed in the research confirmation window when there was not enough experience
  • Research confirmation button in the plane research window remained active even if there was not enough experience
  • The experience of the preceding plane was not mentioned in the plane research window

Chat Fixes

  • Fixed client switching off if player entering chat had more than 100 chat contacts
  • Fixed possibility to create more than 10 channels using key combo Tab+Space
  • Blocking the channel context menu and "invite a player" function after the group re-naming
  • Flight channel turned out to be expanded (opened) after returning from the battle
  • If a Flight had 3 members, including its creator, the "Invite a player" button and invite from the context menu of the flight channel remained available
  • Fixed left mouse button malfunctioning after right-clicking on private channel close button
  • If the settings checkbox "Show players online only" was marked and after re-logging into the client, online friends were not displayed