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  • Lighting was softened for all maps, fixing the problem of excessive light and shading
  • Client loading time was significantly reduced


  • Game statistics restored for all accounts that lost stats as a result of a recent error
  • Bugfix for significant underestimation of graphics settings if the autodetecting of video memory was incorrect
  • Bugfix for permanent "cause of death" message after switching to spectator mode
  • Bugfix for persistent shooting sound that remained regardless of position and distance of the free camera
  • Bugfix for empty microphone field (box) in the sound settings menu even if the microphone was plugged in
  • Bugfix for some cases where when you switched the spectator camera to an ally, it wasn't following their plane
  • Bugfix for delay in enemy minimap markers disappearing after they were shot down
  • Bugfix for slow switching of joystick control type to “Personal” after its settings were changed
  • Bugfix for assigning several voice chat functions to one key
  • Bugfix where it was impossible to remove a player from a Flight
  • Bugfix for the following complex case:
    • From a plane's research confirmation window (which can be researched from 2 branches but was opened by researching 1 branch only), one would move to the research window of its predecessor (the branch that wasn't researched). When at that window, there was no display that the plane of the previous tier needs research.
  • Bugfix for disappearance of some messages from the system messages panel (mission accomplishment and getting awards in battles)
  • Bugfix for where it was impossible to save the mouse settings changes after switching to other predefined control types (keyboard, joystick) and cancellation of this switch