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  • Corrections for visual effects of fonts and shadows in the interface to improve readability of messages and markers.
  • The location map can be brought up during the pre-battle cinematic by pressing the M key. Players can hold alt+M to view the plane type markers.
  • Bugfix for when plane markers on the location map could not be switched from direction markers to plane classes markers for the alternative markers mode. (Colorblind mode)
  • Fixed missing ally markers on the map and minimap during the pre-battle cinematic.
  • Fixed the problem when the game menu was unavailable by pressing the Esc after the player's plane was destroyed but before switching to the spectator mode.
  • Fixed missing battle interface and ability to fly with the keyboard after the starting countdown is finished, if the chat input line was activated during the cinematic.
  • Fix for the display of the teamlist screen during battle loading if resolution is more than 1920x1080.
  • Fixed the missing elements of the battle interface after its hiding by pressing Ctrl + Home and enabling it back, if the minimal team list panel mode was chosen in the settings.
  • Fixed wrong color of teammate messages (the same yellow color for in-flight messages) for players in a Flight.
  • Fixed the problem when the plane type icon overlaid the text of the message about assisting in destroying.
  • Fix for the teamlist display: players who exited the battle (back to the Hangar) are displayed again in transparent gray font and not in black.
  • Fixed the problem of using the alternative color mode (colorblind mode) - battle interface had the old version of the aim lead point from the game version before 1.4.0.
  • Fixed the problem with wrong hangar display of the penalty for the proficiency and skill after moving a crewmember to the regular (non-premium) plane of the same class without training.
  • The key for switching between the teamlist screen and pre-battle cinematics was changed into Tab to maintain uniformity with switching those in-battle.


  • Fixed the missing sound of timer for the pre-battle countdown.
  • Fixed the problem of the engine sound stuttering (interrupted sound) in spectator mode.
  • Fixed the problem of the stuttering (interrupted) sound after collision with another plane.
  • Fixed the problem when the engine sound starts before the pre-battle cinematics began.
  • Fixed the problem of all battle sounds disappearing after getting 100% superiority and victory confirmation.


  • Fixed the problem with occasional display of destroyed allied aircraft models over the player's aircraft model during battle.
  • Fixes for some critical client errors during loading or opening after computer locking, or game window minimization.