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  • The possibility of creating a battle without mid-tier planes was reduced (for situations where planes have a two-tier disparity)


  • The rate of filling the scale was reduced by 15%


  • Increased the reward in Credits and Experience for damaging ground targets
  • Prices of bombs and rockets were reduced

Physics and Balance

  • The damage dealt to planes by course weapons was reduced
  • The damage dealt to planes by bombs and rockets was increased
  • Increased accuracy of large-caliber guns on ground attack planes but reduced their effectiveness against aircraft

Graphics & Interface

  • The plane characteristics panel received interactive icons of Crew members. Clicking them opens a standard Crew menu. Now the Crew can be replaced in any tab of the Hangar
  • The range of markers appearing (display range) for ground targets was reduced to 3000 meters. The transparency of markers for ground targets was changed
  • Max target range available for lock by pressing the"Next target" key (default: X) was limited to 3000 m



  • Improved performance of the "Automatically roll in turns" option
  • Introduced the prioritization of "Roll left/right" and "Pitch up/down" commands from the keyboard if the mouse cursor remains stationary for some time