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Widget Guide

Widget Guide

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Global Wiki: Widgets

General info

Extension allows us use the preset widgets . Widgets are adapted for GlobalWiki skining and may contain logic.

{{#gw_vehicle_list: nation = germany | class = mediumTank | gold = 0 | order = level | style = text | divider = • }}

All the widgets have "gw_" in front.



General codes


'ussr', 'germany', 'usa', 'france', 'china', 'uk', 'japan'

Tanks type

'lighttank', 'mediumtank', 'heavytank', 'at-spg', 'spg'

Supported languages

wot: 'cs', 'da', 'de', 'en', 'es', 'et', 'fi', 'fr', 'hr', 'hu', 'id', 'it', 'ja', 'ko', 'lt', 'lv', 'ms', 'nl', 'no', 'pl', 'pt', 'pt-br', 'ro', 'ru', 'sr', 'sv', 'th', 'tr', 'vi', 'zh-cn', 'zh-tw' wowp: 'cs', 'de', 'en', 'es', 'es-ar', 'fr', 'pl', 'ru', 'tr'

Widgets. Explanations...


Allows to add scroll function of selected articles to the page: article is fully added to the page and you can switch articles by using arrows. Parameters:

  • titles of pages through a comma.
  • placeholder [not necessary] (the whole word can be omitted, add only parametrs) [none, auto, height in pixels(400), width x height ( 300x200)] (by default auto) — size of placeholder, i mean area which is dispalayed to a user during loading.
  • none — placeholder height is taken from height of widget content (but not less than heght of loader 32px) (use it for text articles)
  • auto — height is taken from the ratio of the video as agreed with designers (500x350). Articles with video.
  • height in px — can be any, but not less than loader.
  • width x height — any ratio of the width to the height of the loader. This is not the size, but data to calculate the ratio.
  • nodots [not necessary] [0,1] (by default, 0) — use 1 for all except for articles with video.

JS-code is used. Max number of articles - 10.

Should only be used in predefined containers:

<div class="b-info clearfix">
<div class="b-info_item">
<div class="l-info_inner">
<h2>Good articles</h2>{{#gw_article_scroll:Хорошая статья2|placeholder=none|nodots=1}}[[Special:Categories/good_articles|class=b-info_more|Next section»]]
<div class="b-info_item">
<div class="l-info_inner">
<h2>Video guides</h2>{{#gw_article_scroll:First steps,for new players|500x350}}[[Special:Categories/Video guide|class=b-info_more|Next section »]]

Sample page - Gw_article_scroll_sample


Added to the game menu page. Can have unlimited number of games.


Sample page - Gw games menu sample


Forms designer list on the page . As an element of the list picture is used. Images can be found here (link to come)

World_of_Tanks:Icon view#menu_icon_view.png

Sample page - Gw art list sample


Preset formatting of information blocks. Takes into account a significance and text content.

{{#gw_info_block:|test text}}
{{#gw_info_block:red|test text}}
{{#gw_info_block:green|test text}}
{{#gw_info_block:blue|test text}}

Sample page - Gw info block sample


Preset formatting for Separator


Sample page - Gw separator sample


Preset formatting for equipment list.


Sample page- Gw vehicle equipments sample


Preset formatting for vehicle devices list.


Sample page - Gw vehicle devices sample


Switcher for the content. Can be used as map switcher:

  • menu = top | bottom (by default bottom)
  • align=right | left (by default left)
  • float = 0 | 1 (by default 0)
  • background=Caption
  • style=1|2 (by default 1)

Name of the bookmark must be separated by #.



[[File:Lassvil_minimap_tags.jpg|150x150px|link=|guns ваып]]
[[File:Device_stereoscope.png|150x150px|link=|guns ваdfgп]]

Sample page - Gw switcher sample


Preset formatting for skills and perks (crew):

crew member#skill/perk display name| crew member#skill/perk code or translation* separated by ,

If you want to show that some of the perks is not necessary add ? after it

* — Translated as in game client. Первый параметр в нижеследующем примере.

Commander#Sixth Sence,Repair,Camo,Tutor?|

Crew members code array.


  • 0 => 'repair'
  • 1 => 'fireFighting'
  • 2 => 'camouflage'
  • 3 => 'brotherhood'
  • 4 => 'commander_tutor'
  • 5 => 'commander_expert'
  • 6 => 'commander_universalist'
  • 7 => 'commander_sixthSense'
  • 8 => 'commander_eagleEye'


  • 0 => 'repair',
  • 1 => 'fireFighting',
  • 2 => 'camouflage',
  • 3 => 'brotherhood',
  • 4 => 'radioman_finder',
  • 5 => 'radioman_inventor',
  • 6 => 'radioman_lastEffort',
  • 7 => 'radioman_retransmitter',


  • 0 => 'repair',
  • 1 => 'fireFighting',
  • 2 => 'camouflage',
  • 3 => 'brotherhood',
  • 4 => 'driver_tidyPerson',
  • 5 => 'driver_smoothDriving',
  • 6 => 'driver_virtuoso',
  • 7 => 'driver_badRoadsKing',
  • 8 => 'driver_rammingMaster',


  • 0 => 'repair',
  • 1 => 'fireFighting',
  • 2 => 'camouflage',
  • 3 => 'brotherhood',
  • 4 => 'gunner_smoothTurret',
  • 5 => 'gunner_gunsmith',
  • 6 => 'gunner_sniper',
  • 7 => 'gunner_rancorous',
  • 8 => 'gunner_woodHunter',


  • 0 => 'repair',
  • 1 => 'fireFighting',
  • 2 => 'camouflage',
  • 3 => 'brotherhood',
  • 4 => 'loader_pedant',
  • 5 => 'loader_desperado',
  • 6 => 'loader_intuition',


Preset formatting for navigation table. Parameters: o name — name of the block o icon — code for icon[lighttank, mediumtank, heavytank, at-spg, spg, ussr, germany, usa, france, china, uk, japan, premium] (by default, without icon) o <Name of the table>#<Content>

gw_nav_table must be inserted into construction
<div class="b-tech-nav"> ... </div>
, as below.

<div class="b-tech-nav">
name = Germany |
Light Tanks#{{#gw_vehicle_list: nation = germany | class = lightTank | gold = 0 | order = level | style = text | divider = • }} |
Heavy Tanks#{{#gw_vehicle_list: nation = germany | class = heavyTank | gold = 0 | order = level | style = text | divider = • }}
name = Maps |
icon = |
Summer maps#{{#gw_arena_list: summer}} |
Winter maps#{{#gw_arena_list: winter | divider = *}} |
Desert maps#{{#gw_arena_list: desert}}


Preset formatting for vehicle lists. Parameters and attendant variables need to be separated from other parameters by |. Not all parameters need to be listed, will display default if not.

  • game - defaults to wot, only one can be used, must be between gw_vehicle_list: and any following parameters.
  • nation — defaults to all nations, several can be used but must be separated by comma.
[wot: china, germany, ussr, france, uk, usa, japan]
[wowp: germany, ussr, uk, usa, japan]
  • class — defaults to all types, several can be used but must be separated by comma.
[wot: lightTank, mediumTank, heavyTank, AT-SPG, SPG]
[wowp: fighter, fighterheavy, assault]
  • gold — defaults to both.
show only premium [1]
show only non premium [0]
  • order — attribute codes, defaults to level (tier), several can be used but must be separated by comma.
[wot: 'mark', 'shortMark', 'description', 'nation', 'notInShop', 'price', 'gold', 'level', 'class', 'speedForward', 'speedBack', 'hullWeight', 'hullHealth', 'health', 'loadLimit', 'power', 'traverseSpeed', 'signalRange', 'viewRange', 'armorHullFront', 'armorHullSide', 'armorHullBack', 'armorTurretFront', 'armorTurretSide', 'armorTurretBack', 'weight', 'gun', 'turretTraverse', 'traverseLeft', 'traverseRight', 'elevationSpeed', 'maxAmmo', 'reloadTime', 'elevation', 'depression', 'penetration1', 'damage1', 'penetration2', 'damage2', 'penetration3', 'damage3', 'isTurret']
[wowp: rate_of_climbing, speed_factor, controllability, dps, hp, average_turn_time, binds_id, stall_speed, roll_maneuverability, is_default, maneuverability, max_speed, mass, vehicle, speed_at_the_ground, optimal_maneuver_speed, dive_speed, optimal_height, name, price_gold, level, nation, price_credit, full_name, vehicle_type, description]
  • style — defaults to text
[image, text]
  • divider — defaults to •

{{#gw_vehicle_list: nation = germany | class = mediumTank | gold = 0 | order = level | style = text | divider = • }}
{{#gw_vehicle_list:wowp: nation = ussr,germany | class = fighter,fighterheavy,assault| gold = 0 | order = level | style = image }}


Preset formatting for maps list : o Type [summer, winter, desert] (by default, all) o divider — (by default, •)

{{#gw_arena_list: winter,desert | divider = *}}


Preset formatting for tank annotations o Tank code o 3d — show or not [0, 1] (by default, 0)

<div class="b-description">
{{#gw_vehicle_annotation: T29 | 3d=1 }}
Description text



Preset formatting for crew ranks: o Nations list (by default shows all) Note! Japanese nation is not fully supported



Preset formatting for Battle achievements: o Achievements = explanation. If they have several explanations (class rewards) # must be used: markOfMastery#4

[# Battle achievements. 'warrior', 'invader', 'sniper', 'defender', 'steelwall', 'supporter', 'scout', 'evileye',

  1. Medal with classes (1st-4th). // Т.е. использовать надо так: medalKay#2 - для отображения медали второй степени, например.

'medalKay', 'medalCarius', 'medalKnispel', 'medalPoppel', 'medalAbrams', 'medalLeClerc', 'medalLavrinenko', 'medalEkins', 'markOfMastery',

  1. Epic achievements.

'medalWittmann', 'medalOrlik', 'medalOskin', 'medalHalonen', 'medalBurda', 'medalBillotte', 'medalKolobanov', 'medalFadin', 'medalRadleyWalters', 'medalLafayettePool', 'medalBrunoPietro', 'medalTarczay', 'medalPascucci', 'medalDumitru', 'medalLehvaslaiho', 'medalNikolas', 'heroesOfRassenay', 'medalDeLanglade', 'medalTamadaYoshio',

  1. Special achievements.

'kamikaze', 'raider', 'mousebane', 'beasthunter', 'sinai', 'pattonValley', 'bombardier', 'huntsman', 'sturdy', 'ironMan', 'luckyDevil', 'tankExpert', 'tankExpert0', 'tankExpert1', 'tankExpert2', 'tankExpert3', 'tankExpert4', 'tankExpert5', // Нумерация по нациям 'mechanicEngineer', 'mechanicEngineer0', 'mechanicEngineer1', 'mechanicEngineer2', 'mechanicEngineer3', 'mechanicEngineer4', 'mechanicEngineer5', // Нумерация по нациям

  1. group achievements

'medalCrucialContribution', 'medalBrothersInArms',

  1. Series achievements.

'titleSniper', 'invincible', 'diehard', 'handOfDeath', 'armorPiercer',

  1. client specific achievements

'whiteTiger' ];

{{#gw_achievments_set:whiteTiger= why not | warrior = as I can | markOfMastery#4 = easy to do }}


Preset formatting for nation list.

<div class="b-vehicles clearfix b-vehicles__nation js-vehicles_by_nations b-vehicles__not-active">
{{#gw_vehicle_menu_nations: }}


Preset formatting for vehicles by types

<div class="b-vehicles clearfix js-vehicles_by_types">
{{#gw_vehicle_menu_types: }}


Preset formatting for battle level list



Preset formatting for information panels about the main subject of the article. Panel is located to the right on the page and contains the main characteristics of the object.

{{#gw_info_panel:title=Название объекта|image=1315308978_winter_01.jpg
|annotation=Short description
|content=Detailed info
|appendix=last info

{{#gw_info_panel:title=Название объекта|image=1315308978_winter_01.jpg
|annotation=Short description
|content={{#gw_vehicle_params:t-34|data=price,health|title=General info}}  

[[Medium Tank|class=b-performance_position-link|]][[Germany|class=b-performance_position-link|]][[V ур.|class=b-performance_position-link|]]
{{#gw_vehicle_params:t-34|data=«Pazic»|title=Name in the game}}
{{#gw_vehicle_params:t-34|data=price,health,weight,power,speed,traverseSpeed|title=General info}}
<div class="b-battles-levels">[[Battle level|class=b-performance_title b-performance_title__link|]]
<div class="b-performance_info"><p>100% crew characteristics.</p></div>

|annotation=Good plane
{{#gw_vehicle_params:wowp:il-2-1|data=«Motorchik»|title=Name in the game}}


Preset formatting for vehicle parameters. Main usagе - add to gw_info_panel info about specifications. o Vehicle code o data - code list separated by comma o title

data for tank - price,health,weight,power,speedForward,traverseSpeed,armorHull,armorTurret,damage,penetration,reloadTime,turretTraverse,viewRange,signalRange.

date for plane - rate_of_climbing,speed_factor,controllability,dps,hp,average_turn_time,stall_speed,roll_maneuverability,maneuverability,max_speed,mass,speed_at_the_ground,optimal_maneuver_speed,dive_speed,optimal_height,level,price.

Parameter crew of the tank can be combined with other parameters, but it must be an only value of the attribute of the data.

{{#gw_vehicle_params:t-34|data=price,health,weight,power,speedForward,traverseSpeed|title=General info}}
{{#gw_vehicle_params:wot:t-34|data=«Pazik»|title=Nickname in game}}


Preset formatting for info about previous and next tanks in tech tree. Used for - adding info to gw_info_panel with tank characteristics. o Tank Code



Preset formatting for info about tank modules. o Tank code

{{#gw_vehicle_modules: MT25}}
{{#gw_vehicle_modules:wowp: il-2-1}}

Info in the widget is Preset :

Displayed Parameters


'turret' = 'level', 'mark', 'turretArmor', 'turretTraverse', 'viewRange', 'experienceCost', 'weight', 'price'

'gun' = 'level', 'mark', 'penetration', 'damage', 'fireRate', 'shotDispersionRadius', 'aimingTime', 'experienceCost', 'weight', 'price'

'engine' = 'level', 'mark', 'power', 'fireStartingChance', 'experienceCost', 'weight', 'price'

'chassis' = 'level', 'mark', 'loadLimit', 'traverseSpeed', 'experienceCost', 'weight', 'price'

'radio' = 'level', 'mark', 'distance', 'experienceCost', 'weight', 'price'


'engine' = 'level', 'full_name', 'power', 'equipment_type', 'thrust', 'mass', 'price'

'planer' = 'level', 'full_name', 'hp', 'mass', 'price'

'gun' = 'level', 'full_name', 'caliber', 'bullet_velocity', 'dps', 'rpm', 'mass', 'price'

'turret' = 'level', 'full_name', 'caliber', 'bullet_velocity', 'weapon_count', 'dps', 'rpm', 'mass', 'price'

'rocket' = 'level', 'full_name', 'explosion_radius', 'explosion_damage_max', 'mass', 'price'

'bomb' = 'level', 'full_name', 'explosion_radius', 'explosion_damage_max', 'mass', 'price'