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T-34-85 Rudy

T-34-85 Rudy

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T-34-85_Rudy (Stock)




Stufe Motor Motorleistung (PS) Brandwahrscheinlichkeit bei Treffer Erfahrung Gewicht (t)
--- --- 0 0 ---

Stufe Fahrwerk Maximalgewicht Drehen/Wenden (°/s) Erfahrung Gewicht (t)
--- 0 --- 0 ---


Stufe Funkgerät Funkreichweite (m) Erfahrung Gewicht (t)
--- --- 0 ---

Compatible Equipment

Compatible Consumables

Player Opinion

Pros and Cons


  • Very mobile with a really good turret traverse, feels like a light tank
  • Better armoured than the T-34-85
  • Higher RoF than T-34-85 with the top 85mm cannon
  • More HP(1100 HP)than the normal T-34-85 and the Victory version
  • Sloping armour all round provides maximum shot deflection


  • Tier VII MM, sees tier VIIIs, unlike the normal T-34-85 or T-34-85 Victory with +1/-1 MM
  • Rudy's 85mm sacrifices shot effectiveness for RoF
  • Large commander's cupola with only 90mm of armour, so Rudy can be damaged or even destroyed if cover is not high enough to cover
the cupola as well

  • Cannot have camouflage as the 'Rudy' skin is permanent
  • Unlike light tanks, loses camouflage when moving


The T-34-85 Rudy is a really fun tank and cool to look at (in my opinion), having a 'Rudy' printed on the side, just like

the one featured on the TV show, as well as some markings on the cannon. Like the T-34-85, it should try to avoid frontline 
as it does not have good armour(albeit sloped), and should be used as an aggressive flanker, with a cannon that does about 
200 damage per shot and a relatively high RoF, you would be able to spread some disorder in the enemy team as they try will 
have to combat you and your team, if not some will be surely torn apart by the 85mm. But before that, you can snipe a bit with Rudy as the 85mm is still quite powerful, though not as much as the top 85mm of the T-34-85. Although a secret tank, it does not 
'fetch'(same term used by WG) credits as well as other tier VII premiums and secrets.

Early Research

No research required, as it is a premium tank, and is already in its top configuration

History for this tank not found

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