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Glossar (WOT)

Glossar (WOT)

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  • Hull Down

A tactic involving only showing your turret to enemy tanks by using the terrain. This tactic is excellent for tanks with good gun depression and strong turret armour

  • Side Scraping

This tactic is commonly used with German Heavies, such as the Tiger I, Tiger II, and so on. This involves the tank commander angling his tank just 20-30 degrees or so, while facing the enemy or using a wall, so that all the shots to their side bounce off. If you attempt to side scrape in a Russian Heavy with a "pike nose" design, (IS-3,IS-8,IS-7) be sure to hide your frontal armour well behind the cover because the pre angled frontal plates of these tanks are ineffective if you expose them at the wrong angle.

  • Angling

Angling is when a tank is on one side of a 90 degree corner and the enemy is on the other. The one who is angling, puts out their front and turns it towards the enemy at a 110 degree angle. It is key not to show your side, because you will be penetrated then. In Russian Heavies with pre angled frontal plates, ("pike nosed") like the is-3 for example,angling will render this armour ineffective so it is recommended you face your opponent head on in tanks like this, and wiggle your front and turret to prevent them from aiming at weak spots easily.

In-game Communication

Text Communication

Text Communication isn't always used, since typing takes time and there is a limit of the number of characters in 1 line of chat.

  • Fall Back

A command which can be used in game by a player to inform the person in question that they should retreat.

In-game Sound Communication

In-game Sound Communication is used in every battle. It is accessed by pressing the button in the very bottom right and then selecting the desired voice command.

  • Attack! / Attacking target!

Used when a player wants to tell their team to attack or that the user of the command is attacking. When you have your sights over a spotted enemy, then you press attack, it says "Attacking [enemy tank commander (tank they have)] and the voice says: "Attacking Target!"

  • Defend the Base!

Used when a player wants to let their team know they need to stop the enemy

  • Reloading!

Used when a player wants to tell their team that they're reloading their gun. Usually used by Tankers that have longer reload times.

Technical Language