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Parameter Default value Available choices Description
{{{1}}} N/A Depending on the selected service The first undefined value is the unique identifier of the video. For example: on YouTube, this is an 11 digit alphanumeric string. Each service has a different format. This value must be entered in order for the template to work.
{{{2}}} N/A Any The second undefined value is the video caption. It may contain mediawiki formatting and other legitimate wiki elements (such as links).
{{{service}}} youtube
  • dailymotion
  • divshare
  • edutopia
  • interiavideo
  • interia
  • teachertube
  • youtubehd
  • rutube
  • rutubep
  • megavideo
  • vkontakte
  • veoh
  • vimeo
  • revver
  • youtube
  • yandex
  • yandexaudio
  • yandexp
  • funnyordie
  • googlevideo
The service specified must be chosen from this listing. If none is specified, the default is YouTube.
{{{width}}} 300 Any numerical values The value specified determines the width of the embedded video. The default is 300 pixels.
{{{align}}} right left, right, center The alignment specified determines how the embedded video is aligned on the page: left, right, or center. It should be noted that text wrap is available only for values of "left" and "right"; for "center" the video is placed in the middle of the page and on top of everything that follows it.
{{{link}}} link
[there is no link]
any html: // reference The link specified overwrites the default link to the video in the "link" portion of the template. The default value is a link directly to the natively hosted video site.


{{Video|55YaONbA3FI|width=500|Naval Legends: USS ''Kidd''}}
This notation embeds a YouTube video with the width of 500 pixels, right aligned, and the caption "Naval Legends: USS Kidd".

This notation embeds a Dailymotion video with a width of 300 pixels, left aligned, and a caption of "TEST".