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WoT: Policies and conventions for tank pages

WoT: Policies and conventions for tank pages

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Note - the below is a straight Google translate from the source of this page from the RU wiki.


Presented in this paper are part of the requirements of regulations and guidelines of the official project wiki-game "World of tanks." These requirements should govern the writing and editing articles on armored vehicles in the game.


Create, write and edit articles on the technique can be of any player World of Tanks. Editing by anonymous users is prohibited articles for technical reasons.

The contents of articles must comply with the following structure. Allowed to introduce additional sections if it will increase the information content, structure and perception of the article.

The structure of the article == ==

Hauptartikel: Stub articles

The article must have the following structure ( italic marked optional sections).

  • 'TTX machines, the modules and abstract' (the template Vorlage:tl TankTTH with embedded template Vorlage:tl or Vorlage:tl)
  • 'Car in the game'
    • 'Research and bleeding'

** 'Combat effectiveness' ** 'Machinery, equipment and ammunition' Known Issues **' Image Gallery **' (the template Vorlage:tl Gallery wrapped frame)

  • 'History'
  • 'Sources'
  • 'Links'
    • 'Resources World of Tanks'

In ** Internet

Requirements == to the structural elements of article ==

Title (title)

Title of the article about the military machine must exactly match the name of this machine in the Russian version of the game (for example: T-34-85 object 212, VK3002 (DB), [[M2 med] ], M4A3E8 Sherman, etc.)

If the article was created with a name that does not match the game, the article should be renamed.

For existing alternative naming technique (eg, see Tankovedenie official site), it is desirable to create an article redirects to the main article.

Example: for articles «M2 med» art can be created redirect «M2 Medium Tank» with this content:
 # REDIRECT [[M2 med]] 

TTX, abstract and modules

To make an annotation (entry) to the paper, playing techniques and performance characteristics of the modules you want to use the template Vorlage:tl.


Research and pumping === ===

This paragraph should specify the necessary experience for the pumping machinery, especially bleeding and install new modules.

As an illustration, the tree should provide screenshots of pumping machines, the modules have not been investigated (to be visible amount of experience required for the opening of each module) and the condition of the tree when the pumping machinery, the ancestors will train all modules.

 [[File: ModuleTree T-44.png | thumb | 230px | Modules T-44]]
[[File: ModuleTree T-44 2.png | thumb | 230px | The initial state of the tree T-44 at full pumping all the modules of T-43]]

Here, the width of 230px image is needed for a better visual representation of matching the width of the table TTX.

Combat effectiveness === === Necessary to describe the basic properties of the machine in the game: defense, mobility, firepower, especially the use of tactics, strengths and weaknesses.

Equipment, equipment and ammunition

Based on the basic properties of the machine should describe the most suitable for her equipment, equipment, and the ratio in the shells of ammunition. Configuration options may be few.

This section is desirable to illustrate the screenshots, such as:

 [[File: ModulesFor T-44.png | frame | center | Option complete T-44 equipment and gear]] 

Known issues === === This section describes known errors in the model of car, inconsistencies historical prototypes, mistakes in the game, related to the described machine, etc.

Image Gallery === ===

This section provides screenshots of the machine in the shed in battle, renders and other images associated with the car in the game.

For the external representation of the gallery using the template Vorlage:tl Gallery wrapped frame (template Vorlage:tl).

| Content =
Image Gallery === ===
| File: T-44 shot 2.jpg
| File: T-44 shot 9.jpg; field of battle. The enemy, "Rush" stopped

Evaluation Machine === ===

The rating given by the machine using the template Vorlage:tl.

To evaluate the machines are used game achievements and awards (not all of those provided in the game).

Among the awards should be selected to 5-6 (but not more than eight) awards, which can be characterized by this machine.

The main criterion for choosing a particular award should be able to obtain it on this machine (it can be roughly estimated from statistics of awards in the game).

However, in describing the award for the car should be judged is not the possibility of obtaining this award, a player, and the properties of the machine to facilitate the use of machines in the category of awards.

Description of awards Scout for an easy fast small tank of dimensions:
  • 'False' Scout - this tank is easy to earn the Scout.
  • 'True' Scout - for high dynamic characteristics, maneuverability and small size, allowing to slip and light the enemy base.
In the first case, the estimation of the possibility of a reward player that does not correspond to the template laid down in ideology and in the second case, given the rationale for awarding the machine for its properties to achieve specific results in action.

History === ===

In the historical note provides information on a real car or project, was the inspiration for a gaming machine.

Historical information should be issued as a separate item with the name in the format <MAKE MACHINES> / History. For example, for the article T-44 article with a historical note is called T-44/Istoriya.

The article with historical information should be included in the main article as follows:

 == History ==
{{Main | {{PAGENAME}} / History | l1 = History {{PAGENAME}}}}
{{: {{PAGENAME}} / history}}

Include the above snippet should be unchanged.

'Contents of the paper with a historical note'

  • Historical information about the car (the story of creation, description of the design, operation in the military and combat use, the other historical information);
  • Photographs and drawings;
  • Sources of information.

Information about the car should be based on authoritative sources. Information without sources is not allowed.

Historical article can be compilatory (written independently on the basis of the above list of sources), or borrowed. Borrowing (easier to say - copying from another source) is allowed only in case of explicitly specifying the author and the source of borrowing, for example: in the beginning of the article - " Quoted from: <AUTHOR AND SOURCE> '.


Included in the main article history section should be brief and concise. If you wish to bring a vast amount of historical information in the additional article, the extended portion should be taken into <noinclude> tag and </ noinclude> </ nowiki> - it will not be included in the main article, but will be on display in the historical. Photographs and drawings should be drawn Gallery wrapped frame, for example: <pre> {{Frame | Content = Photographs and drawings === === {{Gallery | File: T-44 06.jpg | File: T-44 07.jpg }} }} </Pre> Sources === === Sources of information must be given in accordance with [https://ru.wikisource.org/wiki/% D0% 93% D0% 9E% D0% A1% D0% A2_% D0% A0_7.0.5-2008 GOST R-7.0.5 2008]. To do this, use the templates {{tl | book}} and {{tl | Article}}. Section of sources should be part contains the article "History" and included with it in the main article. Links === === References must be given the resources World of Tanks, on the topic of articles and other resources on the Internet with information about the subject. :'' Example:'' <pre> == Links == ; Resources World of Tanks * {{}} Tankovedenie * [Http://forum.worldoftanks.ru/index.php?/topic/59993-t-44/ Go to the official forum] , On the Internet * [Http://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/% D0% A2-44 T-44] / /'' Wikipedia'' * [Http://armor.kiev.ua/Tanks/WWII/T44/ Medium Tank T-44] / / Armor'' site'' </Pre> [[Category: Rules and Guidelines]]