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Tanks of USSR

Tanks of USSR

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Armored fighting vehicles designed by or imported into the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. USSR tanks will often fall into a role-set that each class will excel at, but at the expense of being notably less capable if called into other roles at any time. The USSR designed and fielded several of the most recognizable, and in some cases ubiquitous, tanks in the history of armored warfare.

Soviet light tanks are typically the fastest tanks at their tiers. Like most Soviet tanks, they have a small frontal profile and sloped armor. While the recent map and class changes have shifted the game paradigm to a more brawl-focused ideal and reduced their relative power in general, they're still solid choices.

Soviet medium tanks are fast and maneuverable, and equipped with accurate guns with excellent dispersion values, unlike the other lines in the Russian tree (and get even better in high tier). Most are jacks of all trades and very versatile. Unfortunately, most suffer from poor gun depression, limiting their ability to go hull down and make use of their strong frontal turret. They also have excellent soft stats such as ground resistance and camo, allowing them to perform the roles of scouting, damage dealing, and flexing across the map adequately. There are two medium lines that split after the T-34 at Tier V. One line has forward or center mounted turrets with average guns but the better chassis allows them to be more flexible. The mainly rear mounted turret line has superior firepower, but at the cost of having less gun depression and inability to take advantage of many hull down positions.