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 <div class="b-performance_border" style="padding: 0px"> <div class="b-performance_border" style="padding: 0px">
 <h3 class="b-performance_title b-performance_title__header">{{#if:{{{name|}}}|{{#ifeq:{{lc:{{{unavailable}}}}}|yes|[[image:PremiumIcon3.png|link=|Unavailable]]&nbsp;&nbsp;{{{name}}}|{{#ifeq:{{lc:{{{notInShop}}}}}|yes|[[image:PremiumIcon2.png|link=|Gift]]&nbsp;&nbsp;{{{name}}}|{{#ifeq:{{lc:{{{premium}}}}}|yes|[[image:GoldIcon2.png|link=|Premium]]&nbsp;&nbsp;{{{name}}}|{{{name}}}}}}}}}|{{PAGENAME}}}}</h3> <h3 class="b-performance_title b-performance_title__header">{{#if:{{{name|}}}|{{#ifeq:{{lc:{{{unavailable}}}}}|yes|[[image:PremiumIcon3.png|link=|Unavailable]]&nbsp;&nbsp;{{{name}}}|{{#ifeq:{{lc:{{{notInShop}}}}}|yes|[[image:PremiumIcon2.png|link=|Gift]]&nbsp;&nbsp;{{{name}}}|{{#ifeq:{{lc:{{{premium}}}}}|yes|[[image:GoldIcon2.png|link=|Premium]]&nbsp;&nbsp;{{{name}}}|{{{name}}}}}}}}}|{{PAGENAME}}}}</h3>
?[[image:Anno{{PAGENAME}}.png|232px|center]]+{{#ifexist: Media:{{#var:name}} render 1.jpg | [[File:{{#var:name}} render 1.jpg|240px|center]][[Category:Tank articles using images from shared media repository]] | [[Image:Anno{{PAGENAME}}.png|232px|center]] }}
 <div class="b-performance_position">'''{{#switch:{{lc:{{{nation}}}}} <div class="b-performance_position">'''{{#switch:{{lc:{{{nation}}}}}
?|germany=Germany[[Category:German Tanks]]+|usa=[[USA]][[Category:USA Tanks]]
?|ussr=USSR[[Category:USSR Tanks]]+|ussr=[[USSR]][[Category:USSR Tanks]]
?|usa=USA[[Category:USA Tanks]]+|germany=[[Germany]][[Category:German Tanks]]
?|france=France[[Category:French Tanks]]+|uk=[[UK]][[Category:British Tanks]]
?|uk=UK[[Category:British Tanks]]+|france=[[France]][[Category:French Tanks]]
?|china=China[[Category:Chinese Tanks]]+|china=[[China]][[Category:Chinese Tanks]]
?|japan=Japan[[Category:Japanese Tanks]]+|japan=[[Japan]][[Category:Japanese Tanks]]
?|czech=Czech[[Category:Czech Tanks]]+|czech=[[Czechoslovakia]][[Category:Czech Tanks]]
?|sweden=Sweden[[Category:Swedish Tanks]]+|sweden=[[Sweden]][[Category:Swedish Tanks]]
 +|poland=[[Poland]][[Category:Polish Tanks]]
 +|italy=[[Italy]][[Category:Italian Tanks]]
 |#default=<span class="error">nation</span>}}''' {{!}} '''{{#switch:{{lc:{{{class}}}}} |#default=<span class="error">nation</span>}}''' {{!}} '''{{#switch:{{lc:{{{class}}}}}
?|light=Light Tank[[Category:Light Tanks]]+|light=[[Light Tank]][[Category:Light Tanks]]
?|lightTank=Light Tank[[Category:Light Tanks]]+|lightTank=[[Light Tank]][[Category:Light Tanks]]
?|medium=Medium Tank[[Category:Medium Tanks]]+|medium=[[Medium Tank]][[Category:Medium Tanks]]
?|mediumTank=Medium Tank[[Category:Medium Tanks]]+|mediumTank=[[Medium Tank]][[Category:Medium Tanks]]
?|heavy=Heavy Tank[[Category:Heavy Tanks]]+|heavy=[[Heavy Tank]][[Category:Heavy Tanks]]
?|heavyTank=Heavy Tank[[Category:Heavy Tanks]]+|heavyTank=[[Heavy Tank]][[Category:Heavy Tanks]]
?|spg=SPG[[Category:Self-Propelled Guns]]+|spg=[[SPG]][[Category:Self-Propelled Guns]]
?|tspg=Turreted SPG[[Category:Self-Propelled Guns]]+|tspg=Turreted [[SPG]][[Category:Self-Propelled Guns]]
?|td=TD[[Category:Tank Destroyers]]+|td=[[TD]][[Category:Tank Destroyers]]
?|ttd=Turreted TD[[Category:Tank Destroyers]]+|ttd=Turreted [[TD]][[Category:Tank Destroyers]]
?|AT-SPG=TD[[Category:Tank Destroyers]]+|at-spg=[[TD]][[Category:Tank Destroyers]]
 |#default=<span class="error">class</span>}}''' {{!}} '''{{#switch:{{lc:{{{tier}}}}} |#default=<span class="error">class</span>}}''' {{!}} '''{{#switch:{{lc:{{{tier}}}}}
?|i=[[:Category:Tier I Tanks|Tier I]]|1=Tier I[[Category:Tier I Tanks]]+|i|1=[[:Category:Tier I Tanks|Tier I]][[Category:Tier I Tanks]]
?|ii=[[:Category:Tier II Tanks|Tier II]]|2=Tier II[[Category:Tier II Tanks]]+|ii|2=[[:Category:Tier II Tanks|Tier II]][[Category:Tier II Tanks]]
?|iii=[[:Category:Tier III Tanks|Tier III]]|3=Tier III[[Category:Tier III Tanks]]+|iii|3=[[:Category:Tier III Tanks|Tier III]][[Category:Tier III Tanks]]
?|iv=[[:Category:Tier IV Tanks|Tier IV]]|4=Tier IV[[Category:Tier IV Tanks]]+|iv|4=[[:Category:Tier IV Tanks|Tier IV]][[Category:Tier IV Tanks]]
?|v=[[:Category:Tier V Tanks|Tier V]]|5=Tier V[[Category:Tier V Tanks]]+|v|5=[[:Category:Tier V Tanks|Tier V]][[Category:Tier V Tanks]]
?|vi=[[:Category:Tier VI Tanks|Tier VI]]|6=Tier VI[[Category:Tier VI Tanks]]+|vi|6=[[:Category:Tier VI Tanks|Tier VI]][[Category:Tier VI Tanks]]
?|vii=[[:Category:Tier VII Tanks|Tier VII]]|7=Tier VII[[Category:Tier VII Tanks]]+|vii|7=[[:Category:Tier VII Tanks|Tier VII]][[Category:Tier VII Tanks]]
?|viii=[[:Category:Tier VIII Tanks|Tier VIII]]|8=Tier VIII[[Category:Tier VIII Tanks]]+|viii|8=[[:Category:Tier VIII Tanks|Tier VIII]][[Category:Tier VIII Tanks]]
?|ix=[[:Category:Tier IX Tanks|Tier IX]]|9=Tier IX[[Category:Tier IX Tanks]]+|ix|9=[[:Category:Tier IX Tanks|Tier IX]][[Category:Tier IX Tanks]]
?|x=[[:Category:Tier X Tanks|Tier X]]|10=Tier X[[Category:Tier X Tanks]]+|x|10=[[:Category:Tier X Tanks|Tier X]][[Category:Tier X Tanks]]
?|#default=<span class="error">tier</span>}}'''</div><!--+|#default=<span class="error">tier</span>[[Category:Tank articles requiring maintenance]]}}'''</div><!--
 <tr><th class="spacer"></th><td></td></tr> <tr><th class="spacer"></th><td></td></tr>
 <tr><th colspan="2" style="text-align:center;">Battle Tiers</th></tr> <tr><th colspan="2" style="text-align:center;">Battle Tiers</th></tr>

Latest revision as of 12:04, 6 August 2018


  • Missing or incorrect input will be red
  • Add only the numerical statistic, not the unit (ie. "32" not "32km/h")
  • All tank info and related module info should be for the stock model. If the top model differs, add that value to an additional variable with a Top at the end of the same name (e.g. healthTop instead of health) .
  • Leave empty if stat is currently unavailable
  • Inputs are limited by the format, example for Leichttraktor:
    • name = in-game tank name; acceptable - nothing or name of tank (ie. "Leichttraktor"), if nothing template will use page name
    • shortname = WG's internal designation for the tank (used for image file name lookup)
    • nation = nation tree of tank; acceptable input = "germany", "ussr", "usa", "france", "uk", "china", "czech", "sweden", "Germany", "USSR", "USA", "UK", etc. (ie. "germany")
    • class = tank class; acceptable input = "light", "medium", "heavy", "spg", "td", "ttd", "tspg", "Light", "Medium", "Heavy" etc. (ie. "light")
    • tier = tank tier; acceptable input = "I"..."X", "i"..."x", "1"..."10" (ie. "1")
    • cost = tank cost in store; (ie. "0")
    • premium = premium yes|no, can be skipped if no
    • notInShop = tank is not available for gold yes|no, can be skipped if no
    • unavailable = tank is not available to players on EU/NA/SEA servers at all yes|no, can be skipped if no
    • crew = crew members (seperated by <br />); (ie. "1. Commander (Radio, Gunner)<br /> 2. Driver<br /> 3. Loader")
    • health = tank health/hit points; (ie. "110")
    • weight = tank weight and load limit (weight/load limit); (ie. "7.5/9.2")
    • engine = engine horse power; (ie. "51")
    • speed = tank speed limit; (ie. "32")
    • traverse = tank traverse speed; (ie. "34")
    • powerWtratio = horsepower / weight (Done automatically as long as there is a weight specified. It's handled by the "hpt" variable.)
    • pivot = tank can pivot/turn around center
    • turretTraverse = turret traverse speed; (ie. "40") (not used for TDs or SPGs)
    • gunTraverse = gun traverse speed; (ie. "40") (used only for TDs or SPGs)
    • gunTraverseArc = gun traverse arc; (ie. "360")
    • gunVerticalLimits = gun vertical limits (gun depression/gun elevation, ie. "5/10") - for multiple areas use front area
    • armor = tank armor (front/side/rear); (ie."14/12/12")
    • turretArmor = turret armor (front/side/rear); (ie."14/12/12")
    • damage = standard shell damage (min-max); (ie."22-42")
    • penetration = standard shell penetration (min-max); (ie."24-44")
    • rof = rate of fire listed in Rounds per Minute; (ie. "30"). If patch notes give Seconds per Shot, convert using 60 / SecondsPerShot = RoF.
    • ammo = ammo count; (ie. "105")
    • view = view range; (ie. "270")
    • signal = radio signal range; (ie. "100")
    • accuracy = gun dispersion @ 100m; (ie. "0.4")
    • aim = aim focus time; (ie. "1.5")
    • fire = change of engine fire; (ie. "25")
    • parent = vehicles that lead to this one in research tree, use contour template (ie. {{contour|PzKpfw II}})
    • child = vehicles that this vehicle leads to in research tree, use contour template (ie. {{contour|PzKpfw II}})


|name = 
|shortname = 
|nation = 
|class = 
|tier = 
|cost = 
|notInShop = 
|unavailable = 
|crew = 
|health = 
|healthTop = 
|weight = 
|weightTop = 
|engine = 
|engineTop = 
|speed = 
|traverse = 
|traverseTop = 
|pivot = 
|pivotTop = 
|turretTraverse = 
|turretTraverseTop = 
|gunTraverse = 
|gunTraverseTop = 
|armor = 
|turretArmor = 
|turretArmorTop = 
|damage = 
|damageTop = 
|penetration = 
|penetrationTop = 
|rof = 
|rofTop = 
|ammo = 
|ammoTop =
|view = 
|viewTop = 
|signal = 
|signalTop = 
|accuracy = 
|accuracyTop = 
|aim = 
|aimTop = 
|fire = 
|fireTop = 
|parent = 
|child = 

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