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M46 Patton

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M46_Patton (Stock)

3450000 가격
1550 HP내구도
41.07 / 45.05 중량
  1. 지휘관
  2. 포수
  3. 조종수
  4. 무전수
  5. 장전수
101.6/76.2/50.8차체 장갑(정면/측면/후면, mm)
101.6/76.2/76.2포탑 장갑(정면/측면/후면, mm)
560 마력엔진 출력
48 km/h최고/후진 속력
36 도/초회전 속도
225 damage
160 mm평균 관통력
7.0690367920 클립 재장전 시간
38 도/초주포 회전 속도
260 m관측 범위
500 m통신 범위
M46 Patton

It is the evolution of the M26 Pershing. The Patton is slower compared to its tier 9 medium tank counterparts, but its maneuverability and powerful 105mm T5E1M2 gun make this tank a pretty hard target to kill. Even though this tank doesn't have enough armor to take direct hits without damage, its frontal turret position and quick acceleration, combined with its low gun dispersion, allow it to be one of the true masters of creating protection though exploiting the surroundings. By effectively determining when to take on targets or shots of opportunity while focusing on best supporting the team as a whole through the Patton's strengths, the determined player is a positive force on the team's odds of success. Compared to its tier 9 medium tank counterparts, the Patton is an exploiter and force multiplier, able to effectively boost the sight-lines of other tanks and deliver critical punishment at key times.



단계 포탑 포탑 장갑 (정면/측면/후면, mm) 주포 회전 속도 (도/초) 관측 범위 (m) 일반 경험치 중량 (톤)
VIII M46M73 101.6/76.2/76.2 38 260 0 8000
단계 주포 평균 관통력 (mm) 연사력 100m에서의 분산도 조준 시간 일반 경험치 중량 (톤)
VII 90 mm Gun M3 160/243/45 225/225/270 8.49 0.38 2.3 0 2050
VII 90 mm Gun M36 172/262/45 225/225/270 8.49 0.38 2.3 15500 2080
VIII 90 mm Gun T15E2M2 180/268/45 225/225/270 8.49 0.37 2.3 23630 2250
IX 105 mm Gun T5E1M2 218/265/53 350/350/440 6.8 0.42 2.3 68000 2400
단계 포탑 포탑 장갑 (정면/측면/후면, mm) 주포 회전 속도 (도/초) 관측 범위 (m) 일반 경험치 중량 (톤)
IX M46T119 101.6/76.2/91.4 40 265 30500 9700
단계 주포 평균 관통력 (mm) 연사력 100m에서의 분산도 조준 시간 일반 경험치 중량 (톤)
V 105 mm M4 30/101.6/45 400/250/270 8.02 0.55 2.3 1880 2600
VII 90 mm Gun M3 160/243/45 225/225/270 8.49 0.38 2.3 0 2050
VII 90 mm Gun M36 172/262/45 225/225/270 8.49 0.38 2.3 15500 2080
VIII 90 mm Gun T15E2M2 180/268/45 225/225/270 8.49 0.37 2.3 23630 2250
IX 105 mm Gun T5E1M2 218/265/53 350/350/440 7.3 0.4 2.3 68000 2400


단계 엔진 엔진 출력 (마력) 충돌 시 화재 발생 확률 일반 경험치 중량 (톤)
VII Ford GAN 560 20 0 569
VIII Continental AV-1790-1 704 20 13130 569
IX Continental AV-1790-5A 820 20 38750 569

단계 현가장치 한계 중량 회전 속도 (도/초) 일반 경험치 중량 (톤)
VIII M46T80E1 45.05 36 0 10000
IX M46T81 45.05 38 28750 10000


단계 무전기 통신 범위 (m) 일반 경험치 중량 (톤)
VI SCR_508_US 500 0 100

Compatible Equipment

수직 안정기 Mk 1
중형 파편 방지대
탄산가스 충전 연료탱크
코팅 광학장비
개량형 주포 구동 장치
개량형 환기장치 2급
전차용 중구경 장전기
공구 상자
"습식" 탄약 적재함 1종

Compatible Consumables

Player Opinion

Pros and Cons


  • Great view range
  • Decent acceleration
  • Excellent DPM with high alpha for a medium
  • Very good gun depression and gun dispersion values
  • Good mobility


  • Paper thin armor
  • Below average aimed accuracy
  • Mantlet armor on both turrets that does not lend itself to exploitation - too thin (stock) or too small and too thin (upgraded)
  • Stock grind is almost 150k xp of uselessness unless one is willing to use a large amount of gold on free xp


In many ways the M46 Patton is basically a M26 Pershing with a much better gun and slightly better mobility. Just like the Pershing, it could excel as a flanker, support, sniper (not as good sniper as the Pershing because of the mediocre accuracy on the 105) and brawler. Use your superior reload time to shoot heavier tanks (like E-75 or IS-8) twice while only taking one shot yourself. Use your higher alpha to outgun opponents such as the T-54 with a lower alpha. Use your depression and come out of a hill, aim, take a shot, and back off to reload. Just don't expect to lead charges in this tank, because people tend to shoot the Patton first since they know how thin the armor on the Patton is.

Just like the M26 Pershing, the Patton 46 can passive scout, except even better. With 410m view range (2nd highest in-game) and increased mobility, the Patton 46 can even scout aggressively. Of course one should only put this plan to action once most enemies have been knocked out. In addition, this tactic is not viable if you are the top tier and only a few allied tanks remain. Unfortunately, because of the 500m view range limit, Coated Optics are more useful, as you will get more out of your exceptionally good view range.

Early Research

  • The 90 mm Gun T15E2M2, Continental AV-1790-1 Engine, and SCR 528 Radio carry over from the M26 Pershing. Unfortunately, only the engine and radio can be mounted immediately.
  • If you don't mind sticking with the stock gun for a while, the Continental AV-1790-5A Engine provides a boost in power for no extra weight. If you would rather mount a larger gun, save this engine for later.
  • Research the M46T81 Suspension in order to mount the better gun.
  • From here, research the 105 mm Gun T5E1M2 for extra damage and penetration, the M46T119 Turret for higher view range (keep in mind that the front armour is slightly worse than that of the stock turret), or the top engine (assuming you haven't already researched it).

Historical Info

The limited use of the M26 Pershing at the end of World War II led US forces to believe they had the basis for a successful tank design. However, the tank did not meet the requirements laid forth by the Ground Forces Equipment Review Board in 1945. The key complaint with the Pershing, was that it was underpowered. The M26 used the same drive train as the M4 series. With the increased weight of the Pershing, it was an inevitable conclusion that a new power plant was needed.

A new engine, the Continental Motors AV-1790-1 V-form, 12-cylinder, water-cooled, gasoline engine was combined with a newly designed General Motors CD-850-1 cross-drive transmission. This power plant provided 740 hp, a somewhat limited increase in power. The novel design of this unit was it acted as a transmission, braking system, and steering system all in one unit. In addition to this modification, a bore evacuator was added to the M3A1 90mm tank gun, along with a single baffle muzzle brake. Certain other changes were made, including an M83 telescopic fire control system, and round transmission access covers.

In essence, the Patton was basically a modernized Pershing. Originally designated the M26E2, the tank was accepted into service as the Medium Tank M46. It was given the nickname "Patton" in honor of the great World War II general George S. Patton, Jr.

With the outbreak of the Korean War, the tank was rushed into action alongside its M26 cousin to combat the North Korean T-34-85s.

The first M46 entered US service in late 1949. The tank saw action in the Korean War from 1950 to 1953, where it proved superior to the Russian T-34-85. About 200 M46 were used by the US forces in Korea. The M46 was retired from US service in 1957. It was exported only to Belgium, and only in comparatively small numbers.

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