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Changelog: World of Tanks (PC) Patch 0.8.7

Changelog: World of Tanks (PC) Patch 0.8.7

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New Content

Added the new branch of SPGs in the British tech tree:
*Loyd Gun Carriage (tier II)
*Sexton II (tier III)
*Birch Gun (tier IV)
*Bishop (tier V)
*FV304 (tier VI)
*Crusader 5.5-in. SP (tier VII)
*FV207 (tier VIII)
*FV3805 (tier IX)
*Conqueror Gun Carriage (tier X)
Added a new Soviet light tank, the MT-25 (tier VI), as the replacement for the T-50-2. After the update, owners of T-50-2 will own the MT-25
*If T-50-2 vehicle was researched, then MT-25 will also be researched
*If T-50-2 was available in hangar, it will be replaced by MT-25
*Crew with specialization T-50-2 will be retrained for MT-25; will receive a 100% trained Radioman for MT25 as additional crewman
*Camouflage patterns and statistics will move from T-50-2 to MT-25
*Experience from T-50-2 will be moved to MT-25
*Experience from T-50 will be moved to KV-1S
*New ammunition won't be added
*Emblems and inscriptions from T-50-2 will be sold per purchase price
Premium Vehicles Added 
*British tier III SPG: Sexton I
*German tier VII tank destroyer: E-25
Maps added
*New USSR-themed map: Severogorsk

Map Changes

*Reworked Highway for the new rendering engine
*Port map reworked for the new rendering engine
*Removed Assault game mode from the Westfield
*Removed Assault game mode from the Malinovka
Other Map changes
*Modified and optimized several special effects
*Fixed several destructible objects; these objects previously slowed the tank
*Modified and improved visual models of environment objects
*Fixed several problems with the matchmaker that took place after 8.6 Update
*Increased number of names and surnames of different tankers of all nations
*Fixed collision models of several objects and buildings
*Fixed issues in receiving Lucky and Sniper achievements

Vehicle Changes

VK 30.02 (D) 
*Maybach HL 210 P30 engine changed with Maybach HL 210 TRM P30 engine

Rebalanced the Т-50

*Gun dispersion of movement and turning decreased by 4%
*Suspension resist on all soils reduced on 15%
*Added V-3 engine
*Removed M17E engine
*Removed M-5-400F Bis engine
*Tank price changed from 200,000 to 140,000 credits
*Max speed reduced by 8km/h
*Declination angles of 37mm automatic Sh-37 gun reduced by 2 degrees
*Reloading time of 45mm 20K gun reduced from 2.3 to 2.1 sec
*Ammo rack of 45mm BT-42 increased by 10
*Inclination angle of 45mm BT-42 changed from 25 to 19 degrees
*Declination angle of 45 mm BT-42 changed from 7 to 4 degrees
*Reloading time of 45mm BT-42 gun reduced from 2.3 to 2.1 sec
*Added 45mm BT-43 gun
*Removed 57mm ZiS-8 gun
*Turret turning speed of T-50 turret from 45 to 48 degrees per second