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This page will be used to document proposed wiki changes and improvements. The main goal of all of these changes is it improve usability and maintainability. I couldn't think of a good name, so it's the ClamWarrior project for now.

Introduction to the Project

The point of templates is to have data in one central location, and from there be able to show the same data on several pages. For example, all of the necessary 121 info for tables and such is on one single template, Template:DataFirepower121, and this info can be easily used on many different pages. If a change needs to be made, instead of editing 50 different pages referencing the 121, you can just edit the main template.

This method is quite effective for simpler information, like if you were to use a DataEnhancedGunLayingDrive with the description "Improves aiming speed by 10%". That template could be used on the Equipment list, in the suggested equipment section on tank pages, and many more. Though at this early stage, it is the Data template is primarily for the proposed Sortable Table project.

Helpful external links for more info on how this all works: