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Glossary (WoWP)

Glossary (WoWP)

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This list will attempt to explain some of the more common jargon found within WoWP that is not always readily apparent to the newer player.


AA - Anti-Aircraft gun, same as AAA. The yellow triangles on the ground that shoot at opposing airplanes.

AAA - Anti-Aircraft Artillery, same as AA. The yellow triangles on the ground that shoot at opposing airplanes.

BnZ - See Boom and Zoom

Boom and Zoom - Airplane or play style that uses high altitude and diving attacks to engage enemy planes.

GA - Ground Attack aircraft

GT - Ground target

HF - Heavy Fighter

LF - Light Fighter

MRF - Multi-Role Fighter

Lemming Train - When most (or all) of the planes in one team simply follow other planes in one direction and engage the opposing force one at a time.

MM - Match Maker - the system used for building teams in public matches. It is a sophisticated algorithm that follows a set of rules to select teams from the "wait" queue that are as evenly balanced as possible. Teams "matched" are dependent on the planes in the "wait" queue and.

Mod - A WoWP in-game or forum moderator, or a visual or audio modification to one's game client.

Nerf - To weaken an equipment, vehicle, or module by modifying its stats. It's done by programmers to rebalance anything they feel is too powerful and thus unbalanced.

NS - Nice shot

o7 or o> - Salute. Often used to greet friends and fellow clan members. The "o" represents a person's head, and the "7" or ">" represents the person's arm, making the salute.

Seal Clubber - A player, who despite having many battles, still plays mostly low tier vehicles.

Team Killer - Someone who deliberately kills or damages a friendly plane.

TnB - See Turn and Burn

Turn and Burn - An airplane or play style that uses manuverability to engage enemy planes.