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소모품 are temporary bonuses that have strong effects with a limited number of uses. They are always consumed after each battle, so captains must be aware how they work and how they are obtained. Choosing the right consumables can be the difference between a good game or a great game. They could also be the difference between winning and losing.

There are a variety of consumables in World of Warships; some are only available to certain ship classes at certain tiers. Every consumable has a version that is free of charge and another that is available for purchase with either doubloons or credits. Premium versions of consumables with charges grant an additional one charge as well as decreasing the cooldown by 33%. Premium consumables cost 22,500Credits to mount. Players can also choose to automatically resupply these consumables after each battle.

The below information contains base values only. Commander skills and signal flags can change this information. For example, Jack of All Trades decreases reload times of all consumables by 5%. High Alert decreases the reload time for the Damage Control Party consumable by 10%. Superintendent adds one additional charge for each consumable. Finally, the November Foxtrot (틀:November Foxtrot) signal flag, earned via the High Caliber achievement, reduces reload time of all consumables by 5%.

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