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M46 Patton

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Below the heading "Performance" there is written that coated optics are more viable because of the maximum view range of 500 m which is dictated by game mechanics. However the wargaming.wiki states that there is no such thing as "max view range" only "max spotting range". I know things like that do constantly change but it is very confusing to the players if even the official gaming sites mix it up from time to time. No insult but pls try to avoid such bloopers in the future :) I remember a spotting mechanics training video which said that knocked down trees would not count as camo, however i read somewhere else that this was changed a couple of patches after the release of the video. Please Wargaming ..... try to update or delete such obviously wrong information. Considering "max view range" .... you can read it yourself here if you want to: wiki.wargaming.net/en/View_Range_%26_Camouflage_%28WoT%29

"However, there is no 500m limitation on spotting range. The better your view range, the better your spotting range, will be inside your view range. In essence, what your tank has is 'bonus' view range that a particular tank's camouflage has to reduce to 0 first, before your actual view range will be decreased while attempting to spot an opposing tank. The maximum possible view range you can currently (v0.9.1) achieve in game is nearly 606.79m with an M48A1 Patton, M60 or Waffenträger auf E 100 with a 100% Commander and crew having the Brothers in Arms perk, the Commander having 100% Recon skill, the Radio Operator having 100% Situational Awareness skill, the tank having Improved Ventilation and Binoculars equipment installed and using Case of Cola or Chocolate premium consumables, respectively."