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WoTG Game Terms

WoTG Game Terms

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Ability - A special, often unique ability card. Can be active (you need to activate) or passive (valid whenever the card is on the field).

Aggro - A deck , based on a large number of low-cost technology, the aim of which is the most rapid destruction of the opponent's headquarters .

Archetype - resistant deck type that implements a particular idea ( without strict reliance on the specific card ) . For example, " control " or " tusks on deck ." Ie deck that does not play on the field without a specific 2-3 cards is not an archetype . But the deck that is not dependent on what cards you have come to the alignment and plays equally well any situation - is the archetype .

Attacker - HQ or tank that is good at attacking..


Blocker (from the English . To block) - the tank that do bad defender staff. Ie escort cards are blockers . More blocker can calculate tank has a lot of hits and a weak attack (eg , 1-6 ) - but simply takes an important cell in the field ( the so-called wall ).


Combo - a combination of two or more cards , dramatically boosting their favor and power and significantly increases the chances of winning.

Consumables - deck equipment that is used once per battle.


Deck - A pack of 40 cards and staff which is collected and used for battle.

Decklist - a list of the cards in a deck.

Draw - To take the top card of the deck and put it in reserve. At the beginning of your turn, you draw one card. Some cards allow you to draw more cards from the deck.


GBR - Great Belarussian Random. Russian slang term for the random number generator. In WoT: G, it is only responsible for drawing cards from the deck.

Goldfish - A perfect set obtained in the beginning of the turn for a particular deck , allowing a maximum probability to win the battle .

Graveyard - a place where you store destroyed equipment, platoons, and used orders cards. Cards in the graveyard are "lost" .


Farm - Playing to earn credits or experience.

Finisher - A card that can instantly "finish " an opponent under certain conditions.


Heal - To restore the strength of a vehicle or staff card.

Hand - the cards that the player has received from the deck , but not yet used in combat. Also called "Reserve" .


Initiative - 1. An ability card allowing you to always attack first and not be a counterattacked if the target was destroyed. 2. A situation allowing the player to dictate the terms of battle and the enemy only to defend themselves.


Lategame - The latter part of the game.


Metagame - The types of decks that are generally preferred.

Midgame - The middle of the game.

Mirror - Playing against a deck of the same archetype as yours.

Mulligan - Drawing a card to replace an unwanted one early in the game More often than not penalized , for example, instead of 6 cards you already get only 5 in reserve.


Nerf - When a card or other item's capability is decreased.


Random Randy - A player you do not know, a game situation in which everything depends on luck, or the main generals in battle mode against a random enemy.


Starter deck - a basic set of 40 cards. In WoT:G, there are three starters - one for each nation.


Unit - A vehicle card.

Upgrade - Improving a deck. Removing a weak card from your deck and adding a strong card is an upgrade.