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G.Pz. Mk. VI (e)

G.Pz. Mk. VI (e)

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GW_Mk_VIe (Stock)

3500 가격
90 내구력
6.45 / 6.5 kg중량
  1. 지휘관
22/14/14차체 장갑(정면/측면/후면, mm)
0/0/0포탑 장갑(정면/측면/후면, mm)
66 마력엔진 출력
50 km/h최대 속력
16 도/초회전 속도
410 기본 포탄 공격력
53 mm기본 포탄 관통력
19 클립 재장전 시간
12 도/초포탑 회전 속도
320 m관측 범위
265 m통신 범위
G.Pz. Mk. VI (e)

Compatible Equipment

소형 파편 방지대
코팅 광학장비
개량형 주포 구동 장치
자주포용 중구경 장전기
공구 상자
1종 "습식" 탄약 적재함

Compatible Consumables

자동 소화기
100-옥탄 가솔린
105-옥탄 가솔린
수동 소화기
대형 구급 상자
대형 수리 도구
소형 구급 상자
소형 수리 도구

Player Opinion

Pros and Cons


  • Highest caliber and hardest hitting gun among tier 2 SPG's
  • Excellent range for its tier (~850 meters)


  • Poor gun traverse
  • Worst accuracy amongst tier 2 artillery
  • Very slow aiming time
  • Very slow reloading time
  • Weak radio


A decent Tier 2 SPG. Note that the long range of the gun is somewhat hampered by a radio that cannot reach far. This can lead to games where allies advance out of radio range, leaving you with no targeting information. The 105mm howitzer, while being a rather large gun for the second tier, even on artillery, pays for its range and damage with a reload time that can be defined as abysmal.

Early Research

  • Nothing carries over from the Leichttraktor.
  • First, research the Meadows ESTL Engine.
  • Now, research the G.Pz. Mk. VI (e) Suspension.
  • Finally, research the FuG 5 Radio.

Historical Info

The G.Pz. Mk. VI (e) is based on the Mk VI British light tank, produced by Vickers-Armstrongs in the late 1930s.

Some Mk.VIB light tanks were left behind by the British expeditionary force during the Dunkerque evacuation and Germans captured them damaged, but more or less intact. In 1940, 6 of them were rebuilt by the Germans to carry a 105mm leFH 16 howitzer and a MG34 machinegun.

The howitzer was enclosed in a thin (11-22mm thick) superstructure and the vehicle was open-topped. In fact, the superstructure was thicker than the hull armor. The new improvised self-propelled gun was crewed by 4 men and powered by the original Meadows V6 (87hp), allowing it to go as fast as 50 km/h on the road (but only 20 km/h in terrain).

Earlier it was believed that these SPG's were never actively used and spent their "life" in Belgium as training vehicles. However, now it seems they were transferred to the Artillerieregiment 227, fighting near Leningrad in late 1941, where they apparently survived until 1942. The full German name of this vehicle is 10,5cm Selbstfahrlafette auf Geschützpanzer Mk.VI(englisch).

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