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Pz.Kpfw. 38 (t) n.A.

Pz.Kpfw. 38 (t) n.A.

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Pz38_NA (Stock)

145000 가격
300 내구력
10.82 / 11.9 kg중량
  1. 지휘관
50/25/10차체 장갑(정면/측면/후면, mm)
50/30/22포탑 장갑(정면/측면/후면, mm)
200 마력엔진 출력
62 km/h최대 속력
32 도/초회전 속도
40 기본 포탄 공격력
42 mm기본 포탄 관통력
2.3 클립 재장전 시간
32 도/초포탑 회전 속도
330 m관측 범위
290 m통신 범위
Pz.Kpfw. 38 (t) n.A.

Essentially a Pz.Kpfw. 38 (t) with more armor, more hit points, a higher top speed, but lower acceleration.

The "nA" in the tank's name stands for "neuer Art", which might be considered similar to the term "State-of-the-art" in English. Its fully upgraded cannon is surprisingly powerful and is even able to damage a tier VII tank in certain situations. However, it is slow in reverse, making reversing an unreliable way to get out of a jam.

Compatible Equipment

소형 파편 방지대
코팅 광학장비
개량형 주포 구동 장치
개량형 스프링
개량형 환기장치 1급
공구 상자

Compatible Consumables

자동 소화기
100-옥탄 가솔린
105-옥탄 가솔린
수동 소화기
대형 구급 상자
대형 수리 도구
소형 구급 상자
소형 수리 도구

Player Opinion

Pros and Cons


  • Good top speed
  • Good turret traverse speed
  • Good view range
  • Above average camouflage
  • Small size


  • Has scout matchmaking, it can meet vehicles up to tier 7
  • Poor traverse speed
  • Poor hull and turret armour
  • Low signal range for this tier
  • Below average penetration and damage


The Pz38nA is one of the most misunderstand and under-rated Scout tanks in the game. Most players can not advance past its slow acceleration and poor traverse rate, thus it ends up being labeled a dog. It is far from that.

Once you adjust your play style to the 38nA's lack of agility, you begin to unlock the true potential of this little gem of a Scout.

It is fairly small and is blessed with the best View Range for Tier IV Scouts, making it an excellent Passive Scout for its Tier. It can completely dominate same tier fights and still contribute offensively in Tier VII matches if running premium ammo.

As with most Scouts, your goal once the initial passive spotting phase is over should focus on flanking and sniping or performing drive by attacks.

Early Research

  • Both the FuG 5 and FuG 8 radios carry over from the PzKpfw 38 (t), as well as the 4.7 cm PaK 38 (t) L/43 gun, which should be installed immediately.
  • Research the Praga NR engine first.
  • Next research the upgraded suspension.
  • Go from there.

Historical Info

Developed on the chassis of the PzKpfw 38 (t) in Fall of 1939, this prototype used welding technology instead of rivets for both the chassis and turret. A 250 h.p. V-8 engine allowed for acceleration to a speed of 62 km/h. The manufacturer indicated 15 were produced for prototyping and testing, but despite successfully passing all performance tests and achieving a very high speed, no order was placed. The vehicle never entered mass-production and never saw combat.

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