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Changelog: World of Tanks (XBOX) Patch 1.4.0

Changelog: World of Tanks (XBOX) Patch 1.4.0

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New Features

  • Platoon Battles
    • Platoons can contain up to 7 platoon members
    • Platoon sizes 4-7 use Platoon Battle matchmaking only
    • Platoon sizes 2-3 will match to fill out Platoon Battles if available and match with individual players when Platoon Battles are unavailable
  • Customize menu moved to carousel functionality like crews
  • Celebrations for purchases:
    • Buy Premium
    • Get Gold
    • Exchange Gold
    • Convert XP
    • Specials
    • Vehicles becoming Elite
  • Added values to the Vehicle Detail overlay (Y button) in the Garage
  • Awards for watching tutorial videos
  • Added new audio features for Artillery vehicles
  • Added an option to the Audio menu to enable/disable volume reduction (ducking) while sending and receiving voice chat messages
  • Tracking an opponent while they are drowning awards the attacker the destruction
  • Toggle zoom separately for artillery vehicles in Options menu under Controls
  • Overview map now shows the map name
  • Added new match introduction and conclusion banners
  • Camera position is now remembered between matches
  • Added cooldown to prevent spamming for radial commands and tactical map pings
  • Added Victory, Defeat and Draw banners to end of match with win/loss condition description

New Maps

  • Port
  • Port - Snow
  • Live Oaks - Rain

New Tanks

  • Soviet Line
    • Artillery
      • SU-18
      • SU-26
      • SU-5
      • SU-122A
      • SU-8
      • SU-14-1
      • S-51
      • SU-14-2
      • 212A
      • Obj. 261
    • Heavy
      • KV-2
  • British Line
    • Tank Destroyers
      • AT 15A
  • German Line
    • Light Tanks
      • Pz.Kpfw. I
      • Pz.Kpfw. I Ausf. C
      • VK 28.01
      • Aufkl. Panther

Major Changes


  • Changed Pz. IV Hydro from Hydraulic to Hydrostat


  • Improved the performance of the Tank Reel
  • Fixed instances where the resupply currency for consumables and ammunition was not saving the visual state correctly
  • The previous Battle Results screen is available after the player joins the platoon
  • Fixed issue in which the tank loading icon would persist on screen when starting a platoon while watching a training video
  • Updated details screen in Battle Results - graphic makeover, better economic breakdown


  • Team voice chat is available in the Post Battle Results Screen after a battle has ended
  • Flag Base and Spawnpoints for Standard Battle on Malinovka have been moved to new locations


  • Substantial updates to 5.1 surround mix
  • Updated overall dynamics processing scheme
  • Improved audio features for artillery units and artillery fire

Additional Changes


Fixed the package names for the following tanks:

  • German
    • Light Tanks
      • Pz.Kpfw. 38 (t)
    • Medium Tanks
      • Panther
      • E 50 Ausf. M
    • Heavy Tanks
      • Durchbruchswagen 2
      • VK 30.01 (H)
      • VK 36.01 (H)
      • Tiger I
      • Löwe
      • E 75
      • E 100
    • Tank Destroyers
      • Panzerjäger I
      • Marder II
      • StuG III
      • Jagdpanzer IV
      • Nashorn
      • Jagdpanther
      • Jagdpanther II
      • Jagdtiger
      • Waffenträger auf E 100
    • Artillery
      • G.W. Panther
      • G.W. Tiger (P)
      • G.W. Tiger
      • G.W. E 100
  • U.S.A.
    • T21
  • U.K.
    • Comet

  • German Durchbruchswagen 2 now leaves treadmarks when moving
  • Reduced the animation on some of the animated attachments
  • Fixed sniper cam for Vickers Medium Mk II
  • Fixed camera placement for the Jagdtiger while selecting customization items


  • Players in platoons by themselves are no longer numbered as a platoon
  • Environmental damage from falling is displayed in green instead of red
  • Base capture bar functionality fixed for encounter mode
  • Fixed a bug for tanks with auto-loaders where the amount of ammo remaining in the ammo magazine may not appear correctly
  • Fixed issue with the duration of the "attention sector" icon
  • Accepting an XBL invite while in artillery mode no longer removes center marker from the minimap
  • Eagle eye now works for artillery in overhead view


  • Fixed a bug that caused the Post Battles Result Screen to display in game
  • Pressing Start no longer removes the "Press A to Battle" UI when in a platoon
  • Fixed a soft lock that can occur when platooning after watching a training video
  • The legend in the Garage is now more consistent
  • Having a high Silver balance no longer displays as a negative number
  • Fixed a bug that was causing ribbons to stop showing up while in a match
  • The Enhanced Levers equipment will now display the correct Icon in the Additional Information overlay
  • The "Plays up to x Tier" UI no longer overlaps with other garage UI
  • Fixed location of the ping icons while selecting a server from the launcher
  • Improved the dialog when changing resupply currency in the consumables menu
  • The XP on the T-34 no longer requires a garage refresh to update
  • The Crew help screen displays the correct emblem for Premium Tanks
  • Changed the "Incompatible" banner to "Waiting for Platoon Leader" when waiting to select a tank while in a platoon
  • Improved the visibility when in the Server Selection option of the Launcher
  • Choosing multiple supplies no longer causes the "Save and Exit" button to appear as "Back."
  • Adjusted the rounding rules for certain statistics where players need to know the hundredths value, such as gun accuracy
  • Removed crew members name from above the tank reel while reassigning crews
  • Fixed some tank icons in the battle results that were cropped
  • Fixed an issue with medal images not loading in the post battle results
  • Details page now shows the correct icons for suspension equipment
  • Consumables button legend properly updates when removing a supply
  • Fixed "Tankers Ready" in the garage when the commander disbands platoon while in the start menu
  • Platoon members can no longer ready up while the platoon leader un-readies
  • Tank grid now shows tank XP star


  • Fixed the collision for a destroyed building on Ensk
  • Smoothed out some terrain on Abbey at D7 so players will not get stuck
  • Fixed collision around locomotives on Himmelsdorf


  • Long crew member names are no longer cut off while scrolling


  • Teammate's health updates correctly when in the Postmortem view
  • Fixed a camera clipping problem on Fisherman's Bay when destroying a stone fence
  • Fixed a bug where players could ready a tank before their platoon leader


  • Removed Crew VO for shots that hit critical components but do not damage or destroy them
  • Added more ambient rain sounds to Himmelsdorf- Night and Westfield-Rain
  • Battle queue music continues to play while the player is in the queue
  • Added audio to the watermill channels
  • Fixed fire hydrant audio loop on Widepark
  • Fixed Crew VO for artillery that deals splash damage to an enemy


  • All: Fixed a truncated line on the Crew loading screen
  • All: New weather maps are now localized
  • All: "Artillery hull lock" text is truncated in the Game options tab
  • All: Reformatted Eula
  • All: Re-localized training text to include Gold rewards
  • All: Localized map variants
  • All: Re-localized queue message
  • All: Fixed truncation with "Assign back for free"
  • French, Spanish: Firefighting skill is no longer truncated on the crew skills screen
  • French: Fixed truncation issue when currency is switched from Gold to Silver on Premium supplies
  • Chinese: Added Chinese translations for Russian inscriptions
  • Polish: The "Tank XP" description on the package overlay is no longer overlapping with other text
  • Portuguese, Brazilian: "Our Team" is no longer incorrectly translated
  • Portuguese, Brazilian: "Enemy Team" is no longer misspelled in the Battle Results screen
  • Portuguese, Brazilian: "Donkey's Serenade" inscription's description is now localized
  • Portuguese, Brazilian: "Dismiss Crew" text is no longer truncated
  • Portuguese,Spanish: Fixed multiple truncated lines in the Packages help overlay
  • Russian: Fixed truncation and overlapping bugs in some of the loading screens
  • Russian: "Toggle Postmortem tips" is truncated
  • Russian: "Assign for Free" text no longer overlaps with nearby text
  • Russian: Fixed the formatting of the tank info dialog box
  • Russian, Spanish: The T26E4 Freedom is no longer localized
  • Spanish: "Mission Awards" text no longer overlaps with "Friendly Fire" text