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10:18, 1 Kasım 2014 tarihindeki hâli
Yeni sayfa: "{{TankData|Tank= | |Gallery= |InTheGame_pros= |InTheGame_cons= |InTheGame_performance= |InTheGame_research= |InTheGame_equipment= |History= |HistoricalGallery= |Ref_referen..."
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?|+<div class="l-separator">
? + <div class="b-separator">
?|Gallery=+ <div class="b-separator-right"></div>
? + </div>
? +{{#gw_games_menu:WoT_Generals|WoT_XBOX|WoT_Blitz|WoT_Rush|promo=0}}
?|InTheGame_cons=+<div class="l-separator">
? + <div class="b-separator">
?|InTheGame_performance=+ <div class="b-separator-right"></div>
? + </div>
?|InTheGame_research=+<div class="b-info clearfix">
? +<div class="b-info_item">
?|InTheGame_equipment=+ <div class="l-info_inner">
? + <div class="l-info_content"><h2>Featured Article</h2>{{:Featured_Article}}
?|History=+ </div>
? + </div>
? + <div class="b-info_item">
?|Ref_references=+ <div class="l-info_inner">
? + <h2>Wiki Discussion Area</h2>
?|Ref_sources=+ {{:Wiki_Discussion}}
? + </div>
?|Ref_links=+ </div>
? + <div class="b-info_item">
?}}+ <div class="l-info_inner">
 + <h2>Help Wanted</h2>
 + {{:Help Wanted}}
 + </div>
 + </div>

10:21, 1 Kasım 2014 itibarı ile sayfanın şu anki hâli


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