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Player-made Content (WoWP)

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Configuration types

Each aircraft has several different configuration possibilities. In general, an aircraft starts in the stock configuration, then proceeds to Elite configuration and it may be further upgraded to the Specialist configuration.

Stock configuration

An aircraft that is not fully upgraded (i.e. for which new modules may still be researched) is deemed to be in its stock configuration. Note that while players often refer to an aircraft as "stock" when no new modules are researched, the stock configuration also applies for aircraft that have all but one upgrades researched.

Elite configuration

An aircraft that has all upgrades researched (though not necessarily mounted) automatically gains the Elite configuration. In the Elite configuration players can choose how they wish to spend newly gained experience:

  • Save it up for researching successive aircraft
  • Save it up to convert it to free experience using gold
  • Turn on the "Accelerate crew training" checkbox to gain crew experience faster

Note that turning on "Accelerate crew training will spend all gained experience on crew training, so it will become impossible (unless you uncheck the checkbox) to gain experience to research the next aircraft.

Any Premium aircraft automatically comes in the Elite configuration, since Premium aircraft never require research of modules.

Once the Elite configuration is achieved, a mission starts to unlock the Specialist configuration.

Specialist configuration

The Specialist configuration is obtained through a special mission that is unlocked once an aircraft becomes Elite. The Specialist missions consist of type specific conditions, which are listed below, and become progressively extensive as the tier of the aircraft goes up.

In the Specialist configuration an aircraft gains access to additional equipment slots, additional consumable slots and the ability that bonus effects of equipment of Advanced and Ultimate quality affect the aircraft (which they do not in stock and Elite configuration). A noteable side effect of the Specialist configuration is that the freedom of mounting modules that you have in the stock and Elite configurations is now gone: the Specialist configuration always has the "top modules" from the tech tree selected for an aircraft. In some cases this may cause certain players to choose the Elite configuration over the Specialist configuration.

The conditions for unlocking the Specialist configuration are:


  • 1. In victories, shoot down a certain amount of aircraft
  • 2. Shoot down a certain amount of air defense aircraft


  • 1. In victories, gain a certain amount of personal points for shooting down aircraft
  • 2. Gain personal points for destroying sections of ground targets

Heavy fighters:

  • 1. In victories, destroy a certain amount of aerial targets
  • 2. Capture a certain amount of sectors

Ground Attack Aircraft:

  • 1. In victories, destroy a certain amount of sections of ground targets
  • 2. Capture a certain amount of sectors


  • 1. In victories, gain a certain amount of cap points for destroying ground targets
  • 2. Shoot down a certain amount of enemy aircraft using a turret gun

For each category and condition the amounts are listed per tier in the table below.

After unlocking the Specialist mode it also needs to be bought, which costs credits. The prices are listed in the Prices column of the table.

Tier 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Fighters 1 e e 50 60 70 90 120 130 e 180
Fighters 2 e e 20 25 30 35 40 50 e 60
Multiroles 1 5000 8000 10000 e e e 25000 27000 e e
Multiroles 2 500 1000 1200 e e e 2500 3000 e e
Heavy fighters 1 - e e 50 e 70 e e 120 e
Heavy fighters 2 - e e 20 e 30 e e 45 e
Ground attacks 1 e 110 e e e 750 1000 1200 e e
Ground attacks 2 e 10 e e e 30 35 40 e e
Bombers 1 - - 6000 7000 e 10.000 - 15000 - -
Bombers 2 - - 7 10 e 15 - 20 - -
Prices (tokens) (*) 4 10 20 40 50 60 75 90 110 130
Prices (credits) 25.000 75.000 130.000 250.000 350.000 600.000 650.000 750.000 950.000 1.050.000

(*) Note that when you unlock the Specialist mode with tokens you do not need to go through the missions.