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Terror of the Deep

Terror of the Deep

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Sunray in the Darkness is a PVE Scenario in which the player division of submarines must fight through the defending ships of the Forces of Darkness and finally banish Rasputin once and for all. They must learn and use the new ship type (submarine) effectively to avoid direct confrontation with the enemy, lest they fall before they can achieve their primary objective.

Rewards & Achievements

Normal Difficulty

Requirement Reward
Campaign_pin.png 5 x Type 3 Halloween camouflage
Alena Symbol
Campaign_pin.pngCampaign_pin.png 5 x Halloween camouflage
Campaign_pin.pngCampaign_pin.pngCampaign_pin.png 1 x Halloween 2018 Container
Campaign_pin.pngCampaign_pin.pngCampaign_pin.pngCampaign_pin.png 1 x Halloween 2018 Container
Campaign_pin.pngCampaign_pin.pngCampaign_pin.pngCampaign_pin.pngCampaign_pin.png 1 x Halloween 2018 Container

Hard Difficulty

Not yet available!