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I am an accidental player of WoT but since july 2011 addicted to the game. I play 3 times a week for a few hours, simply because I don't have much free time as father of 2 young daughters and a busy manager during the day.

I came by accident on the WoT page because I am a Military vehicle enthusiast... The old stuff from WWI and WWII, not the newer machines. I can't wait to start with World of Warplanes and World of Battleships also. But sadly, meaning playing WoT less in favour of WoB and WoW... Ha ha.

The more tanks and maps, the better. So I like the 7.1 update, because the addition of the French tank line is very nice, can't wait for the English and Japanese branches.

Is there something on the Wiki pages on the French WoT tanks yet? Where can I jump in and help?

If you see me in the game, it's probably during the start shouting: GL Team & HF!