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Pearlenfluss - 1000m x 1000m

Rugged terrain is favorable for various battle tactics; ambushes, unexpected flanking maneuvers, and close encounters. Moving along the riverbed allows you to swiftly approach the enemy base and get into action. Go threw the middle will let you the possibility to flank the north and south. However, do not leave your rear undefended!

Camo Type: Summer

Featuring a variety of terrain and countless nooks, crannies, and terrain features that can make or break a match, knowing the map well and knowing what to do is crucial. There is a passe in the middle connecting the north and both base. The river is shallow enough to where one cannot drown. Both the northern passes feature subtle differences that can determine if you are exposed to artillery fire or not. Beware of scout/TD "nests" of felled trees, which can be almost anywhere. Many routes can be taken across the map, situational awareness and communication is a must!

Perlenfluss wurde in Patch 0.8.5 hinzugefügt, später überarbeitet aber schlussendlich wieder entfernt

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