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Changelog: World of Tanks (Blitz) Patch 1.6.0

Changelog: World of Tanks (Blitz) Patch 1.6.0

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New Content

  • New branch of British heavy tanks added to the Tech Tree: Medium II (Tier II), Medium III (Tier III), Matilda (Tier IV), Churchill I (Tier V), Churchill VII (Tier VI), Black Prince (Tier VII), Caernarvon (Tier VIII), Conqueror (Tier IX), and FV215b (Tier X).
  • New Premium vehicles are now available in the Tech Tree: Matilda BP and AT 15A.
  • “Castilla” map added.


  • Descriptions of honorary ranks “The Lion of Sinai” and “Hunter” updated.

Fixes and Improvements

  • Text descriptions improved for:
  1. medals
  2. battle results
  3. the confirmation screen that appears after a crew has mastered the recommended skill
  • Issue with incorrect display of headings and translations of news into Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese, and Spanish fixed.
  • Font issues fixed and currency symbol for the Russian ruble added (₽).
  • Issue with incorrect display of price and currency for one-time offers fixed.


  • Icons for IS-3 and T110E3 reworked.
  • Display of KV-1 tracks improved.
  • LTP:

Hit Points increased from 230 to 345 Dispersion during movement and rotation decreased by 23%

View range changed from 310 m to 220 m

Gun reload time increased from 2.4 s to 4.34 s.


  • A number of general game client errors and crashes fixed.