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Changelog: World of Tanks (Blitz) Patch 2.6

Changelog: World of Tanks (Blitz) Patch 2.6

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New Content

German Light Tanks

The German tech tree has a new branch, including the Pz. II G, Luchs, Leopard, VK 28.01, SP I C, and Ru 251.

Shooting Mechanics

Destructible objects can now be shot through and shells that bounce can now potentially hit (and damage) nearby vehicles

'Middleburg' has received improvements for both game balance and graphics, including reworked terrain and sound and light effects

Other Additions

Missions can now be reset or skipped using Gold

Information about Supply bonuses (discounts on repairs and consumables) is now displayed on the battle results screen

Fixes and Improvements

Improved movement over soft terrain for all vehicles, particularly medium and light tanks.

Improved 'Middleburg' map, including sounds, lighting, graphics and game balance.

Added congratulatory messages when a player unlocks the next level of Clan Supply or Personal Access.

Added new battle screen tips relating to Clan Supply and autorecruitment.

On 'Canal,' the capture point has been changed and its capture radius reduced.

On 'Fort Despair' and 'Black Goldville,' base capture time changed to 100 seconds for single vehicles.

On 'Mines,' spawn points have been reorganized.

On 'Castilla,' team spawn points rearranged and the corner pass has been removed.

Added a new medal that can be awarded to winners of creative community contests.

Fixed the the shape of the AC-1 Sentinel's machine gun so that it's more historically accurate.

Improved chat shortcut icons.

Minor improvements made to the following vehicles' models: MS-1, T-127, BT-7, T-62A, T1 Cunningham, Tiger (P), Pz.Kpfw. 38 (t) n.A., T1 Heavy Tank, M6.

Mission levels are now more dependent on vehicles favored by the player.

Improved icons for mastery badges.

Removed general chat.


Fixed bug that didn't label drowned vehicles as 'destroyed.'

Fixed bug allowing players to enter Sniper Mode before the battle begins.

Fixed lighting on 'Himmelsdorf' fixed so that it no longer resembles the lighting on desert maps.

Fixed chat bugs during the battle tutorial on Windows 10.

Fixed bug with chat shortcuts after a vehicle has been destroyed on Windows 10.

Fixed bug that continuously loaded the game client after quitting a Clan.

Fixed bugs on the technical characteristics screen (category name placement, text colors).

Fixed bug with a pole crashing into the camera on Canal.

Fixed bug when trying to change the window size while in Sniper Mode on Windows 10.

Fixed bug with skipping battle tutorials for demo accounts.

Fixed bug with disappearing Clan motto if it's left blank.

Fixed bug with mouse scrolling in chat on Windows 10.

Fixed bugs with camouflage functioning incorrectly.

Fixed text of notifications and descriptions.

Fixed a number of general game client errors and crashes.