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Armour and Damage

Armour and Damage

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There are four primary sections of a ship, generally, with varying armour thickness. Going from front to rear is the bow, midsection, and stern. The superstructure contains the physical parts above the deck, including the conning tower.

General Armour Characteristics
External Section Internal Part Armour Thickness
Bow None Lightly armoured, but bounces shells of similar class when angled
Midsection Citadel, Engines, Magazine Heavily armoured and location of armour belt
Superstructure None Very thinly armoured and can be penetrated by both shells easily
Stern Steering room Similar characteristics of the bow section

Below is a detailed guide of the level of armour thickness for each ship part.

Detailed Armour Characteristics by Part
Armour Part Armour Thickness Damage Significance Strategy for Damage Avoidance
Superstructure Extremely thin Majority of gun damage from destroyers and cruisers. Battleships firing AP from long ranges too. Global unavoidable damage. After it saturates, damage taken there is heavily reduced automatically.
Turrets Thickest Blocks damage that would permanently destroy or incapacitate turrets. In close-mid ranges, angle the turret face away a bit to auto bounce enemy shells. At long ranges, do the same.
Deck Medium thickness; Central part may be thicker HE damage, Long-range AP penetration damage. Cannot be penetrated up close except from overmatching. At long ranges, angle the entire ship to minimize citadel profile.
Upper belt Thick Penetration damage at mid-close ranges from all classes of ships. Angle in or away at close ranges.
Citadel deck Thicker than Deck Citadel damage from long ranges Angle away at long ranges.
Main armour belt Extremely thick Citadel and penetration damage from close-mid ranges when broadside Maintain an acute angle to the enemy at all times.
Citadel sides Very thick Citadel damage from close-mid ranges Maintain an acute angle to the enemy at all times.
Torpedo protection belt Base value by % Torpedo damage Ensure that torpedoes hit the central belt and not the bow or stern.

Damage Overview

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