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Battle Tier limit
Size, m
Map type
  • Map
  • Standard battle

Joining the Battle

You’re in for 30v30 combat if you own (or as soon as you buy) at least one top-tier vehicle. Starting in 9.20, all tier X tank players have a 10% chance of getting matched into a Grand Battle by default. The chances of getting a Standard Battle are set at 60%, with a 15% chance of playing Encounter or Assault. These are the odds you get when lots of players queueing to hit the battlefield; the numbers differ when there's considerably fewer people. The new format might cause framerate issues on low-performance PCs, making World of Tanks practically turn-based! That's not enjoyable, especially when it happens unexpectedly, so to alleviate the problem, Grand Battle is disabled by default on weaker PCs. If you want to check out the mode regardless, you can enable it manually:

Spawn Locations

Each team of 30 is divided into three groups of 10 players. To ensure kickstarting a battle without wasting time to regroup, we tied the spawn positions within these small groups to vehicle types. Well-armored tanks roll out on the front lines ready to rush towards the enemy, while SPGs stay behind the main push and cover the group from the rear. The rest of the squad spawns in the middle, including heavy tanks that didn’t get into the first line. Lastly, Platoon players start a Grand Battle within one line.

Balancing Small Groups

The matchmaker balances opposing small groups so that none of them have an upper hand due to their composition. Squads that appear in the same map area will always have a similar number of Platoon players, SPGs, LTs, and TDs, making the battle outcome a game of skill rather than luck. The number of SPGs is limited to a maximum of four per team.