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Aircraft Speed

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When operating aircraft, managing speed is an important skill in using them effectively. In it's simplest form, squadron speed is managed with the W key (faster) and the S key (slower). Speed is also affected by commander skills, upgrades, etc.

There are two speed parameters to note: base or cruising speed, and maximum speed (as fast as you can go without NOS). Max speed is typically the base speed plus a fixed number (usually 35 or 40 kts, depending on the aircraft type).

Speed Bonuses

There are three types of speed bonuses, those to base/cruising speed (e.g. "+N% to squadron cruising speed") and those to overall speed, both base and maximum (e.g. "+N% to squadron speed").

Base of all sqdns

"Squadron speed +2.5%"

Base of one type

"Bomber cruising speed +5%"

For instance, the BDT Destroyer bombers on Midway have an unmodified cruising speed of 131 kts, and thus a max speed of 166 kts (cruising +35). Mounting the unique Modified External Hardpoints upgrade (Bomber cruising speed +5%) gives 138 kts with a max of 173 kts (again, cruising +35).

Max of one type

"Maximum squadron speed +12.5%"

On Hakuryū, her J5N Tenrai bombers have an unmodified cruising speed of 152 kts, and thus a max speed of 192 kts (cruising +40). Mounting the unique Fuel Injection System upgrade (Maximum squadron speed +12.5%) gives the same cruising speed with a maximum of 216 kts! Training her commander in Bomber Flight Control (cruising speed +5%) increases cruising speed to 160 kts and maximum to 227 (base of 160 +12.5%).


Engine Boost

Engine Cooling

Fighter / Interceptor Response

While not a speed boost per se, the Enhanced Reactions skill produces Fighters that are much more responsive to intruding enemies, giving them the effect of closing faster to air battle.

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In a similar fashion, the Hidden Menace skill has a similar indirect effect on speed.