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Release of the update has been performed on January 20 at 8:00 (UTC). Please find below the full list of changes in the Update

Game content and game mechanics:



Hatsuharu — Tier 6 Destroyer, Japan Minekadze — Tier 6 Destroyer, Japan Aoba — Tier 6 Cruiser, Japan Fuso — Tier 6 Battleship, Japan Fubuki — Tier 7 Destroyer, Japan USS Pensacola — Tier 7 Cruiser, USA USS New Mexico — Tier 6 Battleship, USA USS Colorado — Tier 7 Battlehip, USA USS Cleveland — Tier 6 Cruiser, USA USS Independence — Tier 6 Aircraft carrier, USA

Maps: Will become available:

Prey Flower North Bees To Honey Bees To Honey 2 Fault Line