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Asymmetrical "Convoy" game mode

Description - one team will have escort ships.They will appear at certain places on the map, and will be moving automatically to the opposite edge of map Objectives - one team has to defend the convoy, while other has to destroy it (destroying all defending team ships does not lead to a victory, as escort ships move automatically to the edge of the map). Requirements for victory: For the attacking team - destroy all convoy ships For the defending team - destroy all enemy ships or make sure your escort ship reaches its final destination. Draw happens when all convoy ships as well as all the attacking ships are destroyed at the same time

Balancer settings:

BattleLimit - max players in the battle - 18 LevelDelta - dispersion of players level in the battle - 9 MinPlayersInBattle - minimum percentage of players needed to start a battle incomplete - 99% BattleStartTime - time after which the possible start of incomplete battle - 180 sec BattleForcedStartTime - time at which the battle will begin in any case, if the battle scored 2 or more players - 600 sec ACLimit - aircraft carrier limit for battle - 4 BSLimit - battleship limit for battle - 10 CrLimit - cruiser limit for battle - 10 DrLimit - destroyer limit for battle - 10 SoftBattleLimitsTime - time at which the class limits will become less strict - 180 sec LimitSofteningSpeed - how fast MM limits will become less strict - 0.5 ship per second NoBattleLimitsTime - time after which class limits are removed completely - 200 sec BattleTime - 1200 sec

Game modes:

Random battles Training room Convoy All modes 9x9 players maximum


Random battles:

Name Size Bases Comments 01_NA_escort ---- none Map for escort mechanics (two escorts).

Training rooms:

  1. Name Size Bases Comments

1 Solomon islands small 2 Shallow water fixed. 2 Big race small 1 Prototype, minimap, shallow water fixed. 3 North big 2 - 4 Bees to honey big 1 Currently only for mid tiers. 5 Bees to honey_01 big 2 Currently only for mid tiers. 6 Fault line big 2 - 7 Ice islands big 1 Prototype, minimap fixed. 8 Prey big 1 Spawns are moved closer to each other, added two passages for destroyers, shallow water fixed 9 Two brothers big 2 Prototype, added small island, minimap fixed. 10 Flower big 1 Prototype 11 Islands_2 small 2 Prototype for 1 tier. 12 Archipelago small 2 Map fixed, need retests, shallow water fixed. 13 Artful rocks small 1 Prototype for 2 tier. 14 Escort ---- none Map for escort mechanics (one escort).



  1. Name Nation Type Tier

1 North Carolina USA Battleship 8 2 New Orleans USA Cruiser 8 3 Fletcher USA Destroyer 8 4 Zuikaku Japan Aircraft Carrier 8 5 Amagi Japan Battleship 8 6 Takao Japan Cruiser 8 7 Kagero Japan Destroyer 8 8 Essex USA Aircraft Carrier 9


Index Nation Type Tier ASX001_Cimarron USA Auxilliary none