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Tech Tree

Fixed the issue with certain text not appearing Fixed text overlapping Torpedo radius in characteristics is now correctly displayed There are no longer unified descriptions for Carrier air groups Corrected historically inaccurate production dates for modules on some ships


Changed profitability coefficient for Random battle mode. Changed the color of shells to better differentiate enemy shots Activation time for Destroyer smoke screens has been reduced.


HP indicator should no longer freeze after players receive damage Players can now reassign consumable keys Changed maximum height of camera in spectator cam when viewing an aircraft carrier Fixed the bug which caused the minimap to incorrectly display bases in the Supremacy game mode Ship icons on the minimap now display in the correct sizes when changing the size of the minimap Fixed bug with sorting players during battle loading screen. Fixed incorrect rounding of base capture points in the post-battle statistics. Ship icon orientation in the team list should now display correctly. (Some ships were flipped)


Fixed several sound bugs