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  • Fixed incorrect display of ships icons in the "Exterior" tab.
  • Fixed incorrect display of a ship's nation flag in the "Exterior" tab, when you switch to another ship.
  • Fixed not displaying the level of allied ships in the result screen.
  • Fixed error sometimes give the opportunity the explosive shells ignore armor.
  • Fixed bug which limits the maximum range of the BB shells on Aurora.
  • Fixed incorrect display of speed of approach of the projectile by pressing "Alt", do not reflect the type of shell.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes allowed tracking enemy squadrons when switching to the camera tracking own squadron.
  • Fixed (increased) time of capture base on the map "Hotspot" in capture mode with one base.
  • Fixed the shifting of numbers displayed in the result screen (post battle stats) for a allied team.
  • Fixed animation of displaying fluctuations of flags on flagpoles.
  • Removed an invisible barrier on the map "Fault Line".
  • Fixed a bug that causes to twitching ships in motion and twitching in binocular when ships was detected.
  • Reflections of landscape objects are no longer displayed when you select preset graphics Low.
  • Fixed a bug at low settings in avia-camera at a maximum distance were not seen ships of small size.
  • Added new sounds.
  • Fixed a bug when you expand the window of the game client in the window full screen (not Fullscreen mode), the game client is under the Taskbar.
  • On the map "Big Race" ships stucking near the islands corrected.
  • Fixed inability to open a chat \ chat channel when you try to go into it in Port.
  • Removed unnecessary information on obtaining achievement in the chat.
  • Fixed a bug causing the inability to open the added channels of search when you click on them.
  • "Autopilot" inscription is now displayed in the "bold" font.
  • Returned values of shift the rudder for the Update 0.3.0 version ships: Kawachi, Myogi (stock), Nagato (stock), Amagi (stock), Yamato, Erie (stock), Phoenix (stock), Yubari, Iwaki, Aurora, and Gremyashchy.
  • On the map "Hotspot' fixed invisible barrier over the flat island hindering flight of projectiles.
  • Fixed bugs voice of the hit playe's ship (did not play after-effects, indicating the strength and nature of contact).
  • Fixed bugs with voice acting of turns of the torpedo tubes and towers of the main caliber.
  • Fixed bugs in the sound of the main caliber allied and enemy ships.
  • Fixed bugs sound of anti-aircraft guns.
  • Sound picture of the game was balanced.
  • Fixed server overload issue.