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Ammunition for American aircraft fighters has been increased by 15%

Increased speed loss caused by flooding for American battleships

Standard speed of regeneration ability brought back for New Mexico and New York battleships

Fixed a bug that moved the camera underwater when choosing "Exterior" tab at the Port screen

Fixed a bug that caused achievements sorting malfunction in the results screen

Fixed a bug when the notification about the lack of credits when buying a module wasn’t displayed

Removed the display of armour in a pop-up window with descriptions of characteristics of the ship when you hover on the “hull” module

Fixed a bug that caused ships to stick on Big Race map around the island in sector G6

Fixed a bug that caused the ship management (management tools, emergency command, etc.) to be partially inaccessible for player after the start of the battle

Fixed a bug where aircraft squadron flew over the edge of the map

Fixed a bug that displayed special characters in the corner of the screen when players buy upgrades

Fixed a bug that caused incorrect main caliber turret shadows reflection on some graphics settings

Fixed a bug with "Fire extinguished" message appearing when the ship got hit without causing damage

Fixed a bug where the award for the first battle was displayed after the second battle

Fixed a bug that caused the ship research confirmation window to appear for a second time

Changed attack formation for Japanese torpedo planes

Increased working time for scout plane on IJN cruiser Furutaka

Reduced probability of New Dawn map for Tier IV and V

Fixed a bug that caused the timer numbers and the number of ships in a queue in the pre-battle window to twitch