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Movement Changes

  • Turning dynamics for destroyers have been slightly changed. The turning radius at full speed remains unchanged (more or less); For reduced speed, turning radii are slightly reduced.
  • Acceleration to full speed is now slower overall in all ships.
  • Deceleration remains unchanged, but it will now be affected by Upgrades influencing acceleration.

New “Conquest" Game Mode

  • Tier V - X battles.
  • Only available on "Fault Line" map.
  • The decision to implement the mode on other maps will be based on players feedback and game statistics.
  • Mechanics: Similar to Domination mode, but points are acquired only by area control.
  • Destruction of enemy ships does not influence the amount of VPs.


  • Fixed a bug causing the client to crash during the attempt to re-login to the game, if player was in battle and in a squadron before disconnect.
  • Fixed a bug making the line "The ship is in Battle..." sometimes appear, even though the ship should be selectable.
  • Fixed a bug causing a long loading time for the North map with certain computer configurations.
  • Fixed a bug causing the client to crash when the player tries to click the "Yes" button several times to confirm purchase of a ship, experience transfer, purchase of a slot, sell a ship, or exchange Gold to Credits.
  • Fixed a bug causing abnormal aircraft torpedoes course trajectory during automatic torpedo attack.
  • Fixed a bug that caused oddly shaped grey geometry artifacts to appear on ships.

Additional Adjustments

  • Damage of bombs and torpedoes increased for US aircraft carriers:
    • Top configuration Bogue / Stock Independence:
      • Torpedo damage increased from 5,900 to 8,500.
      • Bomb damage increased from 3,300 to 5,400.
    • Top configuration Independence / Ranger / Stock Lexington:
      • Torpedo damage increased from 8,500 to 9,867.
      • Bomb damage increased from 5,400 to 7,500.
  • Stock Hakuryu: One torpedo squadron replaced by a bomber squadron.
  • Torpedo damage for carriers Shokaku, Taiho, Hakuryu was decreased from 10,700 to 8,567.
  • Turret rotation speed of battleship Izumo increased to 4.5 degrees per sec.
  • Secondary battery range for battleships Izumo and Yamato increased to 7 km.
  • Turret rotation speed increased and main caliber gun spread decreased for battleship Ishizuchi.
  • Reduced battle level spread for the battleship Ishizuchi (should meet Tiers IV-V).
  • Decreased percentage of ricochets of large-caliber (battleship main battery) projectiles.
  • In "Conquest" added clarification on the loading screen, regarding amount of points given for base capture.