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The update happens November 9; Patch preparation begins at 02:00 PT/ 05:00 ET and will last until 04:00 PT/ 07:00 ET.

Patch 0.5.14 Notes

New Camouflage Added a set of camouflage for tier X ships: Zao, Shimakaze, Hakuryu, Yamato, Midway, Montana, Des Moines, Gearing, Minotaur, Khabarovsk, Moskva, Großer Kurfürst, and Hindenburg. This set of camouflage has special properties that perfectly complement the top ships of the corresponding branches:

Standard battle bonuses (-3% to detectability from ships, +4% to enemy fire spread)
-50% to service costs
+20% to Credits earned in a battle
+100% for XP earned in a battle
Price: 5,000 Doubloons
Even better, we've changed settings of permanent camouflage available to higher-tier ships to make it more attractive and useful:
Tier VII: added 5% discount to service costs
Tier VIII: service cost discount has been doubled from 5% to 10%
Tier IX: service cost discount has been doubled from 10% to 20%

Economy Increased the amount of Credits and experience earned for damage, with no changes made for earnings for other actions. As a result of this change, average earnings per battle have been increased by 1.5%-3% for aircraft carriers, battleships and cruisers and by 2%-4% for destroyers.

UI Enhancements Icons of destroyed ships displayed on the minimap will now be noticeably different from icons of spotted ships
On the Tactical Map, ship names will now be displayed when the alternative battle interface mode is enabled
Added a timer to the base/key area capture progress indicator. This timer shows the time remaining until the base/key area is captured and will only be shown for those who are within the capture circle (If you're capturing Base A and your teammate is capturing Base B, youll see a capture timer for Base A, while they'll see the capture timer for Base B.)
HP bar color scheme slightly adjusted
Added an icon next to the ship's HP bar in the dynamic ship icon. This icon shows the currently bound key for the "Show Ship Status" control -- default "H" key is bound to this feature
In the battle HUD, aircraft names will now be replaced with aircraft tiers when the alternative battle interface mode is enabled.
The Full aircraft names used previously used were hard to read and didn't have much useful information

New Anti-Aliasing Implemented support for Multisample Anti-aliasing (MSAA). 2x, 4x, and 8x anti-aliasing can be enabled via the graphics settings.
You should update your graphics card drivers to achieve the best possible performance

Sound Improvements Ambient sounds now be chosen for playback depending on the map
Improved sounds of main gun shots, AA armament, and shells hitting water

Other Fixes Fixed a rare bug that led to some AFK players receiving small amounts of XP and Credits for damage by detection and tanking. Now all "AFK" players will get the previously announced zero Credit and XP reward per battle
Fixed carousel rotation when leaving the battle so it returns to the start of the list
Fixed music in Yokosuka port
Fixed Tab-statistics window display
Fixed UI displaying in corner of battle loading screen
Fixed display of sun with low settings
Fixed icon for incapacitated main guns if the timer was stuck at zero
Fixed the reloading progress was displaying incorrectly for main guns
Fixed the air group icon displaying after its carrier (controlled by the player) was destroyed
Fixed displayed ribbons overlapping in the battle HUD
Fixed incorrect backward sorting ship filters: nation order in the carousel and in the filters have been changed (there were no changes in the player profile summary) and brought to the same order as in the tech tree (by appearance in the game)
Fixed the incorrect display of increase in ship performance characteristics when a camouflage was selected for a ship with a camouflage already mounted
Fixed HP bar displaying incorrectly on some computer configurations
Fixed error where an incorrect message was displayed about destruction of the player's ship by a Fort
Fixed an issue with the search function on the list of players looking to join a Division which worked incorrectly if the player was banned from chat
Fixed incorrect display of the key area icon
Fixed circles showing engagement area radius for secondary and/or AA armament were still displayed in the minimap after all mounts of the corresponding type had been destroyed
Fixed the base/key area capture progress indicator when it didn't show any capture progress after the player re-joined the battle
Fixed an error where the filter for Team Battles was still displayed in the filter panel during periods of time when Team Battles are unavailable
Fixed ship names were displaying in the wrong case in some situations
Fixed incorrect display of selector for auto-purchase of permanent camouflages
Fixed incorrect display of crosshairs for main guns/torpedo tubes when only some mounts were fully ready to fire/launch torpedoes

Ship Improvements Fubuki: AA has been changed for hull A to ensure higher historical accuracy. AA aura radius and strength has been decreased from 3.1km and 15 damage per second to 1.2km and 4 damage per second
Tirpitz: changed the thickness of the rear plating for the main caliber turrets from 220mm to 320mm
Kaiser: fixed camera on the fore main caliber gun. Now the AA guns located on the fore main caliber turret, no longer interfere with the view in the close-up camera
Nagato: extra 100mm from barbettes inside the citadels on the aft turret have been removed for the top hull
Edinburgh: switched AA guns between each other on the stock hull. Aura effectiveness hasn't changed
Kaiser: fixed range finder location
Belfast: changed visual model of the radar, animation settings have been tweaked
Murmansk: fixed camouflage display on Main Caliber guns
Prinz Eugen and Hipper: rear armor thickness has been increased from 60 to 90mm on the 1 and 4 main caliber guns
Fubuki (Hull A): updated the hull model using the special technique for display of hand ropes and other thick objects on the ship
Shimakaze: updated the hull model using the special technique for display of hand ropes and other thick objects on the ship; updated hull model - main caliber guns, rangefinders, housings models
König: 305mm HE shell price has been decreased from 55 Credits to 50 Credits to make correspond with the price of the AP shell
New Mexico: updated models for Mk31 and Mk33 directors
Weymouth: draft has been increased by 21cm
Scharnhorst, Prinz Eugen and König Albert images in the carousel are now displayed with the permanent camouflage on

Minor Improvements Optimized the usage of RAM and graphics card memory at low graphics quality settings
Reports for misbehavior in chat will no longer be taken into account for an automatic ban if the reported player has not written anything in the battle chat before the moment they are reported
"Saving Transylvania" holiday game mode will turn off with Update 0.514

New Skills for Earnable Commander Steven Seagal! Expert Loader
-75% to reload time when the shell type is switched
(Ordinary Skill gives -50%)
Expert Marksman
+3 deg/s to the traverse speed of guns with a caliber of up to 139mm, +1 deg/s to the traverse speed of guns with a caliber above 139mm
(Ordinary Skill gives +2.5 and +0.7)

Updated Ship Models Reworked models of Japanese destroyers Shimakaze and Shinonome per new visual quality standards. We improved objects like ropes, lines, and guard railings. Shimakaze now boasts an updated model for her main guns.